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    • emmas428ae8bdf

      When people can’t understand something, they dismiss it…just like Buzzfeed did when they removed this post from the No. 2 spot on their top list. This is a coward’s defense. It’s interesting that there is also a lot of this type of dismissive behavior going on in the comments…not surprising…just interesting. It is also interesting that the previous Buzzfeed post “22 Women Tell Us Why They Use Birth Control” was praised for being “brave” and “empowering” while these girls are accused of “slut shaming” and being “narrowminded” and “stupid”. Why are these women, (who one could argue are making the much harder choice to abstain from sex and all forms of birth control) not receiving the same praise? Why are women, who claim to be pro-woman, being so horrible to their fellow women simply because they have made a different choice? What scares you so much about someone with a different opinion who is making different choices? Just a thought.

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