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    • emmas22

      It is not against Wikipedia rules to edit an article that is written about you or your company. However, doing so often results in slanted text that does not follow Wikipedia’s neutrality or original research guidelines.Alarge majority (more than 80%) of the calls we receive are from people who are either not viable enough foraWikipedia article or they want substantiated negative information removed. Sometimes we receive calls from people who say: “There’s all this negative press about me. ButIwant to set the record straight inaWikipedia article.” Wikipedia does not work that way. And there are times we advise clients to not create an article about themselves on wikipedia until they have cleared their names and image in national media.AWikipedia article isareflection of how the world seesaparticular subject. Good, bad, controversial, and otherwise. While we can’t remove negative information that is substantiated, we can help our clients by neutralizing damaging text, removing unsubstantiated information or propaganda, and adding missing information.  www.WikiExperts.us

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