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Top 15 'Orange Is The New Black' Characters Due For A Backstory

Here are the members of Litchfield Prison who have yet to rank a flashback episode all their own, in order of how deserving they are/interesting it will be. Season 4, we're looking at you. (Spoilers for Season 3 within!)

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1. Gina Murphy


Gina (Abigail Savage), despite having been a Litchfield staple since day one, and being set on fire besides, is the only member of Red's group that has yet to receive her own flashback episode. What we know of her story is dead intriguing too: she's in prison for embezzlement, but she says she's merely "a thief". And "that guy shot himself" implies that she may have been prosecuted for murder as well. If that isn't a set up for a really good flashback, I don't know what is!

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2. Sam Healy


The only main cast member yet to receive a flashback episode, we've now seen bits of Healy (Michael Harney)'s past with his crazy mother from the two communal flashback episodes this past season. This would definitely make for an interesting starting point, and I would really love to see an episode similar to Caputo's, detailing how he went from that boy to the man we know now. I'd especially appreciate a better understanding of this character, who I feel so conflicted about: he's a misogynistic-homophobe who is terrible at his job, but he's incredibly sweet with Red and you feel bad for the way his mail-order bride treats him. It's a interesting take on how real these characters can be, and things are never simply black & white.

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3. Brook Soso


Japanese-Scottish activist Soso (Kimiko Glenn) was introduced in season two, as a sweet talkative girl who really can't cut the prison social hierarchy. Season three saw her massively deteriorate into a downward spiral of depression until she tried to end her own life in the library in the finale. I truly thought we were getting a Soso-themed episode when the first flashback of the finale showed little Brook being told what happens to cheaters by her tiger mom (they're forgotten), however, it turned out to be a communal flashback episode about religion instead. Outlook is good for Soso in season four, she's just been accepted by the newly Blasian(-Jewish) gang, and a relationship with Poussey seems to be on the horizon. I do wonder if anything interesting enough to warrant a whole episode of flashbacks about her is forthcoming though.

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4. Stella Carlin


Stella (Ruby Rose) made a splash this season as the new-to-us inmate who wooed & conned Piper. Despite being sent to Maximum Security in the season finale, I expect that the influx of new inmates at the end of the episode signals the closure of that facility and that we'll see the return of Stella and others (Nicky, Miss Claudette??). Unfortunately, due to her short tenure on the show, we actually know nothing about why she was in Litchfield to begin with, although prior to Piper setting her up, she was on her way back to the outside, so she definitely didn't kill anyone. A Stella episode would be illuminating, and I think eagerly-anticipating by Ruby Rose's rapidly increasing fanbase.

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5. Maritza Ramos


Maritza (Diane Guerrero) is another long-running Litchfield inmate that we know fairly little about. Aside from her impressive ability with eyeliner, her love for pizza and her baby girl on the outside, she remains primarily a mystery. A mystery full of sass. But come on, Flaca got her own episode, Maritza's is coming due.

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6. Lolly Whitehill


Lolly (Lori Petty) was introduced last season during Piper's tenure in Chicago, and transferred to Litchfield for season three. Initially Alex thought she could be working for the drug dealer who wants to kill her, but eventually it was revealed that Lolly is a paranoid conspiracy-theorist. It would be interesting to see if this ties in to why she's in jail.

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7. Anita DeMarco


Anita (Lin Tucci) first appeared in episode one, as Piper & Daya began their tenure as transfers in the bunk she shared with Miss Rosa. Because of her health issues, including a massive heart attack years ago and then need to sleep with a CPAP machine, she resides in the transfer bunk permanently. But we've seen from other's flashbacks that she's been in Litchfield for a very long time, residing in that same bunk when Red & Vee were incarcerated years ago (although maybe not as long as Caputo has been working there? Since Miss Rosa was shown on her own watching TV). She's definitely one of the warmer, fuzzier inmates around, which leads one to wonder what she did to be imprisoned for so long.

Anita, Anita: R.I.-born Lin Tucci happy to be back on ‘Orange Is the New Black’

8. Blanca Flores


Blanca (Laura Gómez) was first introduced as the inmate who was always talking to herself & 'El Diablo' in the toilets. Until Piper found her secret cell phone, and discovered that she just has a boyfriend named Diablo. Blanca got a lot more airtime this season, including a few somewhat revealing moments about her as a person, but primarily she remains a mystery. Who is this woman who most resembles Rochester's attic wife? And why does it behoove her for the other inmates to think she's crazy?

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11. Irma


The Golden Girls of Litchfield Prison were introduced in Season Two (along with former member Jimmy (Patricia Squire), RIP) and have turned out to be some of the baddest bitches on the block. From what little we know, they have no qualms threatening fellow inmates, Frieda (Dale Soules) chopped off her husband's dick, and Taslitz (Judy Roberts) killed a guy with an axe and her plan to shank Vee only goes awry due to her poor eyesight & a case of mistaken identity. Unfortunately this lands her in Maximum Security, but as I've already stated, I have a feeling we'll be seeing those prisoners again in season four. Frieda gets some screentime in season three, but Irma (Yvette Freeman) hardly ranks any, so I hope season four will bring these ladies around again.

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12. Maria Ruiz


Ruiz (Jessica Pimentel) is first introduced as Daya's heavily pregnant bunkmate, who then goes into labor and is often visited by her baby girl and monosyllabic boyfriend. Things turn south for her this season, after the first episode when she spends Mother's Day with her daughter, only to find out afterward that her boyfriend refuses to bring her to visit anymore. This sucks, but the unfortunate consequence is that Ruiz spends 95% of the rest of the season cranky & snippy. She warms up to Daya when she's suffering the aches & pains of her own pregnancy, but quickly turns on her when she finds out her plans to give the baby up. Still, I'd be interested to know what she did to end up in prison, and while so incredibly pregnant too.

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13. Erica "Yoga" Jones


Ok, the only reason Yoga Jones (Constance Shulman) ranks so low on this list, is that thanks to a poignant scene in season one, we know the details of her crime, where she accidentally shot a boy that she thought was a deer in her marijuana field. So we know why she's in Litchfield, however that doesn't mean she still shouldn't rank her own flashback episode. I'd love a surprise about her that we didn't already know.

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14. Angie Rice


Meth-head, follower of Pennsatucky and later Leanne, and laundry worker, Angie (Julie Lake) has mostly served as comedic relief at Litchfield. This season though we've begun to see some depth, most of all in the episode where she finds herself mistaken for another prisoner named Rice who is due to be released that day. As any of us would, she jumps at the shot to escape as she has years left on her sentence, but doesn't get farther than the Utica bus stop, where she realizes that she has $40 and a ticket to Jersey and nothing to look forward to on the outside. We've had surprising turns on this show from Pennsatucky and Leanne (who I think had one of the best backstories this season), what's to say Angie couldn't surprise us too?

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15. Maureen Kukudio


Maureen (Emily Althaus) may be the most understated new (to us) character this season. She starts out as a member of Suzanne's Hump Chronicles fanbase, and subtly steals the spotlight as she makes her move to help Suzanne with her writer's block, which quickly turns into something more. A more adorable, awkward love story we have yet to see on this show, and I anticipate interesting things to come out of this character next season.

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