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Student Brings George Foreman Grill To Class

Giving a new meaning to having a class during lunch time.

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Britt Kelso / Via Twitter: @brittkelso

One student at Mississippi State University has been receiving attention on the Internet for bringing a George Foreman Grill to class. Roman Ehrhardt, a senior communication major, plugged the grill into the desk outlets that are usually used for cell phones. He sat in the middle of the front row with slippers and pajama pants during class.

In an interview with Ehrhardt, the reason why he brought the grill to class was for a project where he had to violate a societal norm in a small group communication class taught by Dr. Hank Flick. Usually in the past, students have walked backwards in public places for norm violations.

The idea came from a conversation with one of Ehrhardt's friends, he recommended that Ehrhardt not go through with it. Luckily, Ehrhardt talked to his introduction to communication theory professor, Dr. John Nicholson, the week prior to the norm violation. Dr. Nicholson helped Ehrhardt with the small details about how the project would take place. Students reported that Dr. Nicholson was smiling while Ehrhardt was making bacon.

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