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Why A House Is Not A Home Without A Dog

Today is National Dog Day. These are the top reasons why a house is not a home without a beautiful and intelligent dog.

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A dog makes you exercise.

A dog can detect cancer, prevent eczema from childhood and prevent you eating things you are allergic to.

A dog can get on with your other pets.

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A dog makes you happy and makes you laugh (even at yourself).

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A dog will stop you feeling lonely.

And will always love giving you a cuddle.

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A dog will comfort you if you are feeling low.

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A dog will always be happy to see you.

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And you will never need to eat alone.

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A dog helps you de-stress.

Dogs help people deal with other psychological issues.

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A dog helps you appreciate the simple things in life.

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Plus they are incredibly cute.

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Very cute!

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How does your dog make your house feel like a home?

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