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Top 10 Richard Attenborough Movies Everyone Should Watch

Described as "one of the greats of cinema" by Prime Minister David Cameron, the brilliant Lord Richard Attenborough passed away last night at the age of 90. The dedications came pouring in for the actor, director and producer. These are the top 10 movies starring or involving Lord Richard Attenborough that everyone should watch.

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Jurassic Park: "Welcome to Jurassic Park" clip

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MovieClips / Via YouTube

For those that have never seen Jurassic Park directed by Steven Spielberg (shame on you, by the way), John Hammond played by Richard Attenborough has created a whole island full of dinosaurs and invites a palaeontologist, a paleobotanist, a mathematician and his grandchildren to view the new island. However, everything starts to go wrong....

Miracle on 34th Street: Trailer

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TheTrailersPark / Via YouTube

A Christmas favourite, this film sees Richard Attenborough starring as Kris Kringle who gets employed as a Santa Claus at department store Cole's. While working at Cole's, Kris meets six-year-old Susan who doesn't believe in Santa, Dorey Walker's (Cole's Director of Special Events) daughter. Kris gets assaulted by a paid attacker from the department store's competitor. Will Kris be able to make Susan, Dorey and the world believe that he is the real Santa Claus?

The Great Escape: "Meeting Bartlett" clip

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flossymoo / Via YouTube

Starring as Squadron Leader Roger Bartlett also known as Big X, Richard Attenborough's character plans the greatest escape ever attempted with prisoners from a German prisoner of war camp. The prisoners work on tunnelling out and under the camp using three different tunnels simultaneously. Will Bartlett and the other prisoners manage to escape from the camp?

Gandhi: Trailer

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TrailersPlaygroundHD / Via YouTube

Richard Attenborough worked as the producer and director on Gandhi on what he described as his dream project. Gandhi tells the story of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi from when he was thrown off a train for being in an all-whites compartment to his assassination in 1948. Gandhi won eight Academy Awards including best picture and best director.

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat: "Jacob and Sons" clip

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UltraGuide / Via YouTube

The musical movie was made with lyrics written by Tim Rice, music written by Andrew Lloyd Webber and based on the story of Joseph from the Bible's Book of Gensis. Richard Attenborough starred as Jacob, Joseph's father who presented Joseph with a technicolour dreamcoat which resulted in Jacob's other sons trapping Joseph down a well to get rid of him. Will Joseph become the powerful man Jacob believes him to be?

Oh! What A Lovely War: "Hush Here Comes a Whizz-bang" clip

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Richard Dargan / Via YouTube

The 1969 musical about World War I was directed by Richard Attenborough. It used popular songs of the time to comment on the controversial war.

The Railway Children: "Jim" clip

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JJ Feild Channel / Via YouTube

When the father of an upper-middle class family gets found guilty of treason, Roberta, Phyllis and Peter must move to the country with their mother. While in the country, the children find amusement in the trains, regularly wave at an old man whose name is never revealed (Richard Attenborough) on the train, save the lives of passengers on a train as well as help other men in the process.

Even though Richard Attenborough only appears in a few scenes of the Railway Children. For me, this will always be one of his best films as he is the hero of the film.

Brighton Rock: "Colleoni's Men Jumps Spicer & Pinkie" clip

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Fallenraine / Via YouTube

Starring as Pinkie, Brighton Rock is a film noir movie about a gang of criminals that operate at Brighton's race track who fought public battles using dangerous straight razors. After a newspaper reporter writes an article about the gang that gets some of the gang killed, Pinkie decides to track down the reporter and ends up murdering the reporter on an amusement ride. Will Pinkie get away with the murder?

Elizabeth: Trailer

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MOVIECLIPS Classic Trailers / Via YouTube

A biographical film about the early years of Elizabeth I's reign. Cate Blanchett starred in the title role and Richard Attenborough starred as Sir William Cecil, the Queen's chief advisor. When Queen Mary dies, Elizabeth takes over the thrown and begins being courted by suitors, which William Cecil urges her to accept.

10 Rillington Place: Trailer

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Sony Pictures Home Entertainment UK / Via YouTube

Beryl, Timothy and their daughter Geraldine Evans move into the flat 10 Rillington Place above John Christie (Richard Attenborough). John Christie terminates Beryl's unwanted pregnancy, then strangles, rapes and kills her. Will the police find out that it was Christie who killed Beryl and not her husband Timothy?

Which Richard Attenborough movie would you recommend?

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