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10 Reasons Outlander Needs To Be Broadcast In The UK

Outlander is a fantastic new historical, fantasy and romance series currently being broadcast on Starz in America. However the Outlander novels written by Diana Gabaldon, on which the series is based, also have international acclaim and so the series deserves to be broadcast on this side of the Atlantic too.

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In the novel, British Army Nurse Claire Beauchamp takes her honeymoon in Inverness in 1945 with her Oxford history professor husband Frank Randall. While Frank is investigating his ancestry, Claire visits some standing stones on a hill near the town and time travels back to the 18th Century.

The protagonist is a true feminist

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Claire Randall is a fantastic feminist born at the end World War I. She grew up with her Uncle as her only guardian and worked through World War II as a nurse. She is a tough, independent woman who looks after herself.

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20th Century Frank Randall and 18th Century Jamie Fraser are both very different in temperament, however they are both caring and interesting characters. They also look incredibly handsome but we didn't notice that...

It is set in beautiful Scotland

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The majority of Outlander is set in Scotland. Throughout the novel, Scotland is described as a breathtakingly beautiful place and the series will bring this beauty to the screen.

The Romances

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In the 18th Century and 20th Century, Claire Beaucamp has a romance with a handsome, intelligent and caring man. In fact at some points during the storyline you don't know whether you want Claire to leave or stay in the 18th Century.

The historical elements

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As Claire finds herself in 18th Century Scotland from the 20th Century, she struggles to fit in, finds that she is well ahead of the times and has prior knowledge of the historical events that are to occur.

Difference in medical treatments

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Due to Claire being a nurse in 20th Century, she has a lot of medical knowledge which helps in the 18th Century setting, however it is interesting how different the medical treatments are between the two centuries.

The actors and writers

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Although relative unknown actors have been cast in the series, the clips and trailers that have been posted on the official Starz YouTube channel show the depth and understanding the actors are showing in their roles.

The Outlander series has been developed and written in part by Ronald D Moore. Moore is best known as writer and television producer on Star Trek and the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica.

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