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What Do You Do To Make Getting Up In The Morning Less Miserable?

Tell us how to wake up without ritual emotional breakdowns.

Some of us just aren't destined to start each morning with a smile...or anything even remotely close.


Can I @%#*! help you?

The sun wages a war on our very souls each and every day.

Comedy Central

We may not like to admit it....but we need help. A lot of help. Just don't offer it to us in the morning.

Paramount Pictures

So what do you morning lovers use to wake up in bliss (and not eternal suffering)?


Do you use an app that measures your sleep cycle?


Maybe splash on an ~invigorating~ face wash.

Or perhaps your alarm wakes you up to your favorite tunes., MTV

Please tell us what it will take to get out of our beds without deadly disputes!


Leave a comment and tell us: how do you make getting up in the morning more bearable?


We’ll feature the best suggestions in a future BuzzFeed post.