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29 Ways You Didn't Know Harry Potter Could Be In Your Life

Accio everything in your basket!

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2. A light decal for illuminating a room with the flick of your wrist but — sadly — not a wand.

5. A personalized phone case for those who dare brave Azkaban., Warner Brothers

Get it from Tictail for $26.39.

Email vendor with name and photo. Available in iPhone 6/6S, 6+/6+S, 7/7S+, all Samsung Galaxies, and LG G4.


7. A personalized portrait that'll ~almost~ make up for a very disappointing 12th birthday.

Get it from polenerciyas on Etsy for $50.

Email vendor with your name, several front-facing photos, and House preference to order.


10. A set of underwear with way more options than the Sorting Hat ever offered.


13. A dainty tattoo to remind you of the ~proper~ pronunciation of this very important spell.

16. A personalized wand (even though we know the wand chooses you).


18. A cunning handbook of insults to *Slytherin* to your next battle with your nemesis.

20. A stern sticker to keep you focused on your studies.

27. A candle blend of warm spices for a cozy day in Hogwart's Great Hall.

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