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    19 Creative Ways To Transform Your Bed

    If you spend 99% of your life in your bed, you need this.

    1. Live your fanciest life in satin sheets.

    2. Separate your bed from the rest of the room using curtains for a mini escape.

    3. Save money by opting for a wall decal headboard.

    5. Get the best of both worlds and choose a day bed — sofa by day, bed by night.

    6. Try removable wallpaper as an inexpensive headboard replacement.

    7. Place a dresser at the end of your bed to double as extra storage.

    8. Pop in some bed risers to hide unsightly knick-knacks.

    9. Choose a bed with shelves as a storage solution.

    10. Or try a headboard that has shelves.

    11. Use the headboard's spaces to build a library of your favorite books.

    13. Set a bench at the foot of bed to add some sophistication to your room and also make a new place for magazines and books.

    14. Mix and match with a reversible duvet or comforter so that you never get bored.

    15. Weave string lights through your bed for a DIY light-up headboard.

    16. Add some dimension to small rooms with black and white patterns.

    17. Class up your bed in one step by upgrading to an upholstered headboard.

    19. And cleverly hide your clutter thanks to an ingenious upholstered storage bed.

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.