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    20 Easy AF Ways To Make It Look Like You Got Your Hair Done

    Soon you'll be able to start referring to your bathroom as ~the salon~.

    1. Transform your usual ponytail with fancy braids.

    2. Define your natural curls for a no-fuss routine with an easy-to-apply creme.

    3. Take a page out of Pride and Prejudice and secure your curls into a stylish bun.

    4. Take a risk with bright hair dye to shake up your look without spending big bucks.

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    Promising Review: "I've never dyed my hair before this, so I was nervous. But it's really easy to use, and I think it turned out well." —Kelsey

    Get the dyes on Amazon: Punky Colour for $6.06 and Manic Panic for $9.86.

    5. Throw your hair up in a gorgeous headwrap that'll make any outfit a 10.

    6. Spritz and run with a sea-salt hair spray that'll take two minutes to create full-blown waves.

    7. Rely on hair gel for a shake and go beauty routine.

    9. Save your hair from daily frying by opting for a heated styling brush.

    10. Stay on trend and in style with two super-simple buns.

    12. Turn a rushed morning into a photo op by updating a chignon.

    13. Invest in a whopping $10 curling wand to look like you spent $100.

    16. Avoid hair damage from heated products by sticking to these flexible curling rods.

    17. Go old-school when it comes to big waves with hair clips and curlers for *big* effect.

    18. Fool people into thinking you're a braid connoisseur with some simple hacks.

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    Get the full tutorial here and check out more of Topknots and Pearls here.

    19. Give new meaning to head turning with a two-toned hairdo thanks to semi-permanent color.

    Oh, you know, I just start every morning at the salon. It's no biggie.