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    22 Useful Tips For Everyone Who's Not A Morning Person

    The early bird gets the worm! Not that anyone really wants a worm.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us how they make their mornings suck a whole lot less. Here are their tried-and-true recommendations:

    1. Start your day with someone worth waking up to... even if it's just by text.

    2. Gently wake to the rising sun (or at least an alarm clock that mimics beckoning rays of light).

    3. Shift your energy from corpse to chakra by easing into a yoga session to soothe the morning grumps.

    4. Leave the brewing to your coffee, not your mood, with a great cup of joe.

    5. Create extra time by preparing as much as possible the night before so you don't feel rushed.

    6. Shave off at least ten minutes (so you can get some extra z's) with foundation designed for travel.

    7. Play some energizing tunes to shake up your bathroom routine.

    8. Keep cozy with a pair of fuzzy friends (even after you depart your bed burrito).

    9. *Jump start* the day with light exercise to energize your brain.

    10. Plan your outfit the night before so you don't have to waste precious energy in the morning.

    11. Prep protein shakes to nourish yourself with essential nutrients.

    12. Burst from dreary to alert by splashing on an invigorating face wash.

    13. Use an alarm to wake up to your favorite music instead of intrusive beeping.

    14. Switch the lights on as soon as you wake up to signal to your noggin that it's time to hustle.

    15. Early risers need early bedtimes.

    16. Sink into a sturdy mattress every night to chuck fitful dozes.

    17. Leave your shades open to let sunlight pour in as a gentle, natural alarm.

    18. Or keep your place dark if you're more frustrated than motivated by rays.

    19. Wake up with enough time to go at a leisurely pace.

    20. Measure your sleep cycles to wake up during your lightest stage so you can soak up every minute of deep dreaming.

    21. Chow down on a healthy breakfast to fill your the bed-shaped hole in your heart with food.

    22. Start your coffee machine as soon as you get up so the aroma can perk you up.

    And if none of that works, then screw it, hit snooze.