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    27 Valentine's Day Gifts That Make You Look Like You Tried A Lot Harder Than You Did

    Saving time and money has never looked better!!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A zodiac pendant necklace so you can say "it's ok that you're a Scorpio, I still love you."

    2. A golden fountain pen with a fine nib that'll make them say "OMG! You spent so much money!" And you will say, "yes, yes I did."

    3. A set of all-natural face masks with an array of super-beneficial ingredients like roses, lemons, and lavender for reminding them they deserve a spa day, which you will create at home because $$.

    4. A hands-free, voice-controlled Echo Dot so you LOOK like you got an impressive, techy gift, but really you just don't have to help out with as much anymore.

    5. A choice of widely-loved Pixi skin care products to make them *glow* with happiness while staying well under budget.

    6. A seriously lovable white carnation and rose display that'll *almost* be like buying them a real puppy or kitten. Maybe next year, right??

    7. An ultra-thin quartz analog watch with a sleek leather band, because Rolex ain't cheap and this is still *timeless*.

    8. A pencil cup styled after a Hemingway typewriter so your favorite writer is always inspired at their desk, thanks to you.

    9. A Fenty plush matte lipstick to prove you really were paying attention when they dropped not-so-subtle hint after hint whenever Rihanna popped up on Instagram.

    10. A touch-activated moon lamp made from cool 3D-printing technology that'll be even better than empty promises to lasso the moon, George Bailey.

    11. A pack of unique chocolate with flavors like mint matcha, *bacon*, and pink Himalayan salt, because anyone can buy heart-shaped candy but these will just knock out those tastebuds.

    12. An inexpensive four-pack of lace bralettes so you don't blow your entire paycheck on pretty lingerie — and they'll get more for your buck!

    13. A portable bluetooth speaker to blast "My Boo" until they yell, "I GET IT YOU LOVE ME." Oh, and if they think you got this fancy-looking device at Brookstone, so be it.

    14. A 30-day cooking challenge notepad that'll keep you busy making interesting meals for your petit chou all month long.

    15. An extremely soft scarf, because buying cashmere might cancel being able to pay rent. But this is just as cozy and fashionable! Happy and warm = romantic evening.

    16. A subscription to Blue Apron so Michelin stars mean phooey after a week of delicious, high-end dates right at home.

    17. An 14K gold-plated adjustable ring with their first initial to hold them over until you can get some diamonds — but will those acknowledge their name?? I think not.

    18. A pair of concert tickets that'll make as many memories as they will save you time shopping.

    19. A set of cosmetic brushes with soft bristles, because makeup addicts are expensive, people, and these will more than ~cover up~ thrifty spending.

    20. A Christian Louboutin nail polish collection so you get credit for designer purchases, minus teary eyes over expensive bloody shoes.

    21. An elegant metallic tiered accessory tray for winning you a *gold* star in both their heart and your wallet.

    22. A pair of USB heated slippers that'll keep their feet nice and toasty when you're not there to rub them. Or are these meant to distract them from asking you that?

    23. An inexpensive two-pack of tassel earrings so your S.O. is seeing double with happiness (and you still have money leftover for dinner!).

    24. A soothing combination of Himalayan salts and dried flowers for making bath time even more romantic than 100 rose petals leading up the stairs (which sounds just way too hard tbh).

    25. A pack of realistic LED tea lights to play up romance but also not light their house on fire, which is the greatest gift of all.

    26. A subscription to Birchbox, because a personally-tailored monthly delivery of their favorite makeup and beauty supplies is literally the gift that just keeps on giving.

    27. A set of vintage-y metal-carved silverware so their desserts and coffee feel like a Harrods excursion (you'll take them to Europe eventually).

    How they'll picture you when you were shopping:

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