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    36 Things You Probably Never Thought Of, But Will Make A Huge Difference This Summer

    Because apparently summer doesn't have to involve chafed thighs, smelly shoes, and overheating all the time.

    1. A shoe-deodorizing spray that'll put an end to sweaty sneaker (or Birks, flats, anything your feet touch) stink as soon as you spritz. May this be the summer our closet actually doesn't smell.

    2. A pack of coconut water powder to quench your thirst on-the-go with H2O's fancier sibling. Plus! It's fueled with electrolytes and trace minerals to help you feel even more refreshed — all you have to do is add water.

    The bag of coconut water powder

    3. A chafing relief powder gel, because sometimes we need double the protection (especially on super hot days). Reviewers also use this when they wear bathing suits and swear it keeps their thighs *and* bikini lines soothed!

    4. A sun visor clip for holding up to two sunglasses at a time, or your regular glasses, to always have both on-hand when driving. Now you can easily switch between the two without digging around your car.

    Reviewer's photo of their glasses and sunglasses attached to their sun visor

    5. A pack of Miracle-Gro water storing crystals that'll help prevent over- *and* under-watering your precious plant bbs so they survive even the hottest of summer days. This'll reduce ~water stress~ in plants and protect them from heat and drought.

    6. A draft-blocker to make the most of your AC by keeping it *in* the room, instead of letting it escape. You'll stay cool and save money over time now that you don't have to blast your AC to feel it.

    Reviewer's photo of the draft-blocker attached to their door

    7. A set of gel-infused can coolers, because their two-part plastic design literally *locks in* coldness. Throw in their outer neoprene sleeves to insulate, and your drink can actually stay cold for at least four hours.

    8. And! A three-in-one stainless-steel bottle cooler so you can keep your vino ice cold no matter how hot it gets. Plus! This also works as an aerator and pourer so your wine is chilled and upgraded in flavor. Win, win.

    9. A pressure-activated cooling pad for keeping your pupper safe from overheating when the temps rise. It stays five to ten degrees cooler than room temperature, and even helps to reduce joint pain.

    Reviewer's photo of their dog laying on top of a red mat

    10. A melting gel face cleanser that'll quickly dissolve even a full face of makeup *plus* sweat, dirt, and excess oil (oh, the lovely perks of summer afternoons) without drying our skin. It works fast so even the laziest of us can feel squeaky clean in under a minute.

    11. A fermentation kit so you can learn a fun new summer hobby *and* make grilling extra rewarding now that you have homemade sauerkraut for your hot dogs and super fresh pickles.

    Model using the fermentation kit to make pickled cabbage

    12. A DHC makeup primer, because this'll keep your full face in place all darn day no matter HOW much you sweat. Humidity is simply no match for this. And! It also helps smooth the appearance of pores and breakouts.

    13. A pair of Sanuk flip flops so your piggies can stay unbelievably comfy all day — their cushioning is designed to mimic yoga mat material. Sore heels are no longer in our vocabulary, even after super long walks.

    Reviewer's photo of two pairs of black flip flops side-by-side labeled "7 year old flip flops and their twin replacements"

    14. A mesh exfoliating towel for preventing backne from appearing yet another summer. This'll make exfoliating your back easy (you can use it with any body wash) so sweat doesn't stand a chance.

    The mesh towel

    15. A pineapple corer that'll make carving up this summertime fave surprisingly easy — no longer will serving this have to be the battle of your life.

    Reviewer's photo of the stainless-steel corer next to an empty pineapple with slices next to it

    16. A set of oil-blotting charcoal sheets for a trusty sidekick whenever humidity blesses us with a shiny T-zone and excess oil. Good thing reviewers say these only require a few pats to bring their complexion back to matte.

    17. A cooling weighted blanket, because this'll help you fall (and *stay*) asleep this summer without instantly turning into a puddle of sweat. This'll still apply pressure to help you feel relaxed, but uses glass beads to keep you cool all night.

    The weighted blanket spread out on a king-sized bed

    18. A compatible HydroFlask straw lid so you can put an end to accidentally spilling all over yourself (wide mouth opening = disastrous) when drinking water on-the-go. Staying hydrated shouldn't equal wet T-shirts.

    19. A set of ~wine sticks~ for keeping your glasses (and bottles!) secure in the grass when lounging in your backyard. Your vino will stay upright, no matter how engrossed you get in your book.

    The wine sticks holding glasses and a wine bottle above the ground

    20. A hands-free dog leash that'll let your pup join in on your daily walks (especially handy if you have a baby carriage in tow) so they can also enjoy the warm weather. You won't have to worry about pulling thanks to its bungee cord, but it *does* come with extra handles for control so you can gently guide without breaking your stride.

    21. A bottle of Tend Skin Solution to make this the first summer our bikini line doesn't suffer from constant razor burn. Reviewers say it also seriously helps with ingrown hairs, redness, and irritation, meaning shaving all season won't leave our sensitive skin distressed.

    Reviewer's before-and-after photo of their armpit with razor bumps and then with no razor bumps

    22. An over-fire camp grill, because this'll make cooking dinner while camping so much easier. Unless you're only having s'mores for dinner. Which I support.

    The metal grate over a campfire to cook food

    23. A corn peeler so you can make summery corn salad all season long without any of the usual struggle. Frustration: gone. Waste: eliminated.

    Hand peeling corn with the peeler

    24. A cooling towel for an easy way to fight overheating when hiking or camping (or honestly just laying out in your lawn). Just soak it in cold water, wring it out, and it's ready to save the day.

    The blue cooling towel

    25. A bug bite suction tool that'll play those suckers at their own game. It actually removes insect venom, saliva, and other irritants under your skin to stop the itching and even help ease swelling — meaning this just might be the first summer we don't feel plagued by scratching.

    26. A set of extra-large ice cube trays (in both square and sphere) to keep your summer cocktails nice and cold, even when enjoying them on hot afternoons. These take *much* longer to melt so your Negroni will stay chilled.

    27. A wildly popular hair serum, because reviewers swear this keeps their tresses frizz-free no matter *how* humid it gets. It's infused with vitamin E, aloe vera, and argan oil to promote shine, keep both curly and straight hair smooth, and overall tell the summer heat to stay AWAY.

    Reviewer's photo of their hair frizzy, and then smooth and shinier after using the serum

    28. A portable fan (that actually doubles as a lantern) so camping doesn't mean sweating your tuchas off during extra hot days or nights. Plus! Now you have an easy source of light when it gets dark out.

    Reviewer's photo of the fan hung in their tent

    29. A set of (frozen) vegan hot dogs for getting your grill on, even if you're a vegetarian or vegan. Their ingredients are simple: fresh beets, sweet potatoes, potatoes, carrots, sunflower seeds, gluten-free flours, herbs, and spices. The result? Finally having your own delicious plate (that tastes like the real deal!) at your family's BBQ.

    Hand holding a package of the vegan hot dogs

    30. A well-loved Bioré UV water-based sunscreen that'll protect your face from sun damage without messing up your makeup or irritating sensitive skin (or eyes). Plus, its formula *also* leaves your skin feeling dewy thanks to hyaluronic acid, royal jelly extract, and citrus mix so you're more motivated to wear it.

    BuzzFeed reviewer's hand holding the sunscreen

    31. Or! A moisturizing, sweat-resistant SPF 30 sunscreen specifically designed not to leave a white cast on darker skin tones — it dries completely clear to leave your makeup undisturbed. It's even infused with avocado, jojoba, cacao, carrot juice, and sun flower oil to soothe and hydrate your skin on super hot days!

    Hands using the sunscreen

    32. An easy-to-use paw cleaner to end your day of fun on a *good* note with your pup by making sure their lil' paws are mud-free before entering the house. Playing outside is all fun and games until the carpets are ruined.

    Reviewer's photos of their dog's dirty paw going into the bucket and emerging clean

    33. A cherry pitter, because this'll make snacking on your porch more enjoyable now that you don't have to spit out pits with every bite. Nothing should distract you from reading your newest book.

    The cherry pitter

    34. A pair of cool and silky pillowcases with cooling fabric on *both* sides so summer nights no longer mean sweaty nights. This'll keep you from overheating, no matter how many times you flip it.

    35. A set of silicone glasses grips reviewers use for making their sunglasses more comfortable (so long, ear pain) *and* keeping 'em in place so they stop sliding down their nose.

    Reviewer's picture of the silicone grips attached to their glasses' ear hooks

    36. A watermelon cuber that'll put an end to wrestling with your favorite warm weather snack. Its easy-to-use design requires one thing you: to push it. It'll take care of the rest.

    Still me .05 seconds into summer every year, but at least now my thighs are safe:

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