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    39 Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Wardrobe, Even If You're Incredibly Lazy

    You deserve to look like you tried today, even if you got out of bed .05 seconds before work.

    1. Surprise yourself with how many different ways you can wear the same basic crop top. Dress it up with statement skirts or look effortlessly cool with high-waisted jeans. Either way, you're already halfway done when it comes to styling (and you'll never get bored)!

    2. Finish your outfit with a pair of classic ballerina flats to lend your look a polished effect. Their faux suede and cute elastic straps can elevate old jeans just as much as a pair of heels (which is just so not an option).

    3. Rely on the magic of a trendy maxi dress — they're about as easy as it gets. They're a one-and-done outfit, never go out of style, and quite literally *dress* you up in no time at all.

    4. Give pieces you've had for years new life by pairing them with a pattern you've never considered before. Little tricks like keeping everything in the same color family or relying on a striped top as a neutral (totally doable) will upgrade you to Jenna Lyons–status faster than you can give up.

    5. Throw on a pair of trendy mirrored sunglasses so your outfits don't reflect how long you laid in bed this morning. Even your go-to workout (ok, lounging) leggings will look more stylish when sleekly accessorized.

    6. Use a sneaker-cleaning kit to bring your favorite white sneakers back to practically new, so your outfits always look put-together (nothing like super white sneakers to finish off your OOTD) — all while staying extra comfy.

    7. Flaunt what you love so getting dressed doesn't feel like a chore. You should look FORWARD to showing off your ~looks~!

    8. For example, if you're *extra* proud of your waist, a cinched romper will make the world feel like your own personal catwalk. And it's a one-and-done outfit, so it's a double win.

    9. Throw on some marble-patterned barrettes to easily polish the very same ensembles you've been wearing for months. Considering they're one of this season's biggest trends, they'll probably inspire you to go ~head-first~ into dressing stylishly every darn day.

    10. Master the ~half tuck~ that somehow always updates even oversized T-shirts from humdrum to stylish for exactly $0. Luckily it doesn't require a complicated Youtube tutorial — all you're doing is tucking in the front half of your top!

    11. Polish off your usual T-shirt-and-jeans combo with a pair of gold hoops to easily transform your outfit into *casual chic*. How could you have rolled out of bed this morning if you accessorized so beautifully, right?

    12. Get a whole new wardrobe every month without the hefty bill by joining a fashion subscription service, like Frank and Oak. You'll never catch yourself wearing the same old thing on repeat again when you have options upon options to style new looks.

    13. Overcome outfit boredom with the "third piece rule." The next time you find yourself in the same pants and top for the billionth time but don't want to think of something else, just layer on an extra element like a frayed, denim jacket or cardigan vest that'll instantly make your outfit look brand-new.

    14. Twist your blouse so that it's tied in the front for a whole new approach to wearing the same exact tops you always throw on. It'll give your ensembles some *unexpected flair* without a single swipe of your credit card.

    15. Find a pair of high-waisted jeans that make you look and feel your best. Not only are they super versatile and easy to dress up and down, but a good-fitting pair of jeans never fails to bring an outfit together. Maybe now you'll want to show 'em off! Just for a quick 'gram.

    16. Fool people into thinking you spent more time getting ready than you did by throwing your hair into a bun. A chic hairstyle elevates even yoga pants, and still takes less time than fully styling your hair.

    17. Add some trendy appeal to your looks by wearing noncommittal ear cuffs on your cartilage. Cool new piercings or just a 24-hour accessory? We'll let everyone else decide.

    18. Get the most use out of a classic LBD by styling it different ways. Not only will you save moolah, but you can totally re-wear the same dress twice a week without anyone being the wiser.

    19. Mimic the feeling of loose sweats with a pair of flowy wide-leg pants. You may not get to live in your old college uniform, but at least you're comfy.

    20. Create a polished appearance with nothing more than an inexpensive crop top. When paired with something high-waisted they actually look better than a regular shirt, because they won't awkwardly bunch. Tl;dr: your outfit looks perfectly neat even if you reused the same top from Saturday night.

    21. Keep your clothes off The Chair and on a chic metal garment rack. Not only will it easily neaten your room, but it'll also help you lay out your weekly outfits with minimal planning. No more panicked standing in front of your closet five minutes before work.

    22. Stock up on basic white T-shirts that'll help you avoid laundry day, *and* serve as a ~blank slate~ for all your styling ideas. They're timelessly cool and will always match whatever you're wearing.

    23. Complete your entire outfit without much thought at all by turning to a matching top-and-skirt set. You'll automatically look put-together thanks to its matching pattern and your morning routine will be easy as one, two...no need for three.

    24. Identify pesky stains and remedy them with the proper antidote. Let's be realistic, the next time you get foundation on your top, you are not taking it to the dry cleaner anytime soon (so much effort). Instead, alleviate the spot with a Shout spray stain-remover. A few spritzes = good-as-new.

    25. Throw on a pair of faux leather pumps so you can dress up every outfit you own (over-worn denim included) and keep all your favorite looks on heavy rotation. With these, they'll look newly très chic.

    26. Explore new styles that your friends definitely won't have. Shop from cult-favorite online international stores for a unique, new look without crossing ~the pond~ or even your room. Not to mention, a quirky piece will do all the creative work for you!

    27. Maintain a *crisp appearance* by using a garment steamer to get rid of outfit-ruining wrinkles (I KNOW your top was just sitting on the hamper). Don't worry — reviewers agree it takes minimal time and effort to use. Steamed dress = $$$-looking ensemble.

    28. ~Top off~ even your most casual outfits (looking at you, favorite leggings) with a structured, oversized blazer. The juxtaposition will help you look on-trend, even if "getting ready" entails hitting snooze 50 times.

    29. Learn new ways to tie your scarf so your outfits get a whole new ~twist~. It'll take two seconds, but you'll still get major fashion cred for your new styling "skills".

    30. Make your outfits look more expensive than they really are with nothing more than an embroidered top. The bit of texture will add some ~dimension~ to your look, meaning your old jeans will get a super easy update.

    31. Invest in a splurge-worthy statement purse to instantly update every single look in your closet. The key is to find a bag that's *just* unique enough to add something new to your outfits, but neutral enough to use forever.

    32. Pick up some easy money-saving hacks when it comes to upgrading your closet. My favorite? Using a fabric defuzzer to make all your clothes look totally new — super old sweater included.

    33. Dramatize the usual no-brainer shirt-and-jeans combo by flaunting a top with statement sleeves. Will you look like you're off to Fashion Week? Yes. Did you still get ready in under ten minutes? You bet.

    34. Cut the hems of old jeans to transform them from run-of-the-mill to the right on-trend frayed denim you see all over Instagram. Did you splurge on a fancy new outfit? Why...yes.

    35. Feel like you're lounging in your favorite sweatshirt, but actually look sophisticated enough for work by relying on an oversized, blouse-like tunic. It provides enough structure to be considered refined, but also gives your binge attire a run for its money.

    36. Revamp the classic white blouse with an off-the-shoulder version. You'll get as much use out of it as the original staple, but now your outfits will have a more modern vibe. Basically, this top is a lazy dresser's dream: you can wear it again and again, plus it looks great on its own so there's no need for accessorizing.

    37. Liven up your wardrobe with some unexpected texture, like a pom-pom straw bag. Its playful touch will distract from those jeans you've been wearing two (maybe three?) days in a row and cheaply keep your closet up to date on trends.

    38. Accessorize with a popular Daniel Wellington metal mesh watch that'll make every work, casual, or whatever outfit instantly look more sophisticated. Suddenly making your looks feel more stylish just takes a ~flick of the wrist~.

    39. Colorblock your ensemble as an interesting twist to your usual attire by grabbing staples you probably already have lying around. All you need is an everyday cami and tube skirt in contrasting shades and voila you'll *color* yourself impressed.

    Trying to plan all your new outfits from your bed like:

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