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    34 Things Under $10 That’ll Never Stop Being Useful

    Dare I say, you'll feel like an adult for having these.

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    1. A 3D window film tile that'll create more privacy for your space (no one will be able to peek through your windows anymore) *and* cast gorgeous rainbows into your room. No pot of gold necessary.

    2. An LED light-up pen, because this'll let you journal well past bedtime when your partner is trying to sleep — or when you wake up to a BRILLIANT idea at 2 a.m. and need to jot it down ASAP.

    3. A dual dog leash so you can walk both your pups at the same time without having to juggle. It comes in various size combinations, so even if you have a tiny *and* big fur child, you'll be able to depend on this for drama-free walks.

    4. A lip balm pouch to attach to your keychain — aka your lifelong battle of losing your favorite lip balm before even using half of it is over.

    5. A heavy-duty ice scraper for getting frost off your car windows e-f-f-i-c-i-e-n-t-l-y so you don't have to start every morning freezing your butt off at the crack of dawn. It even has a padded handle so you don't get blisters from tackling ice.

    6. An insulated neoprene cup sleeve that'll let you drink iced coffee outside all 👏 year 👏 long 👏 without having to deal with cold, numb fingers. Plus! It'll keep your desk dry when it controls condensation *and* show you how much joe you have left.

    7. An electric, windproof lighter, because this'll a) be easier to use than traditional lighters thanks to its super simple switch and b) never run out of *juice*. Basically this'll (sadly) last far longer than your favorite candle — and when it goes out, you can just recharge it.

    8. A jewelry-cleaning stick so you can bring your favorite ring back to ✨sparkling new✨, and actually *keep* it that way.

    9. A wireless charging pad to put an end to dealing with old chargers that are (literally) at the end of their rope. Affordable, easy tech > frayed cables.

    10. A plaque-removing tool for helping your fur child deep-clean their teeth if things are getting...smelly. And yellow. And you don't have $700 lying around for frequent professional teeth-cleaning appointments.

    11. A five-in-one aerator that'll not only improve the taste of even cheap vino right out of the bottle, but reseal it when you're done. This lil' bb can neatly pour, aerate, filter, stopper, and prevent leaks all by itself. Heck, it surely deserves a toast.

    12. A pair of sheepskin shoe insoles, because these'll upgrade your slippers to a whole new level of plush — if you start running to the door, it's your feet hurrying you.

    13. A massage ball so you can easily relieve back pain or tight muscles, or even just use this as a satisfying dose of self-care at your desk when you are plain stressed.

    14. A metallic phone ring to text, scroll through Insta, send Snaps, WHATEVER with zero fear of dropping your most prized possession. It'll almost be, dare I say, magical.

    15. A roll of marble peel-and-stick paper for finally getting that gorgeous accent table you always wanted — oh wait, it's your old nightstand! Cue sigh of relief that you didn't have to pay a small fortune to redecorate.

    16. A budget workbook that'll help you manage all your scary expenses, instead of avoiding the thought of them and accidentally forgetting about them entirely (a no-no). It helps break everything down (including an in-depth daily and weekly expense tracker) to make finances feel more maneagble. Phew.

    17. A sweatshirt dress with POCKETS, because this'll suddenly become your go-to. Between the unbeatable comfort and extra-roomy pockets you will absolutely wear this Monday-Friday. Which is more than fine.

    18. A pair of silicone ear hooks with ear covers so you can solve your everyday problem of your AirPods KILLING your ears — no longer! Now they'll stay in place *and* will actually feel comfortable — all while maintaining the same quality listening experience.

    19. An organizing cup holder to easily add space for your belongings if your car didn't come with much room at all. Crisis averted: now you don't need to dangerously balance your phone and thermos every morning on your way to work.

    20. An ultra-slim wallet you can attach to your key ring for drastically minimizing the chances you lose your credit card AGAIN. It has ~six~ card slots, a money pocket, and ID window — aka you'll have one heck of a hard time getting messy with this.

    21. An in-drawer knife mat that'll make sure all those sharp edges are face *down* and out of harm's way. Even the most disorganized person can keep their knives safely stored now.

    22. A scalp care brush, because this'll scrub away dandruff and dullness by gently deep-cleaning, exfoliating, and stimulating blood flow to your scalp in order to make sure every strand of hair gets the ultimate level of restoring treatment.

    23. A pair of heat-resistant gloves you can use in lieu of traditional oven mitts so you have more control and a stronger grip when dealing with hot pans.

    24. A pack of canker sore patches to help those painful suckers heal much faster than usual, not to mention provide relief for up to 12 hours. AND they stay on while you eat!

    25. A stainless steel can strainer for draining smelly tuna cans without getting it all over your hands (appetizing, I know). It can also strain eggs to cleanly separate the yolk!

    26. A self-adhesive seal strip that'll cheaply soundproof your room without any hefty investments. This'll prevent your roommate's show (with the volume at seemingly 1,000) from creeping into your space — who knew door cracks were the real culprit?

    27. A pair of reusable, waterproof shoe covers, because these won't let stormy weather rain on your parade — at least when it comes to your outfits.

    28. An ice-making tray specifically designed for water bottles so you never have to even THINK about drinking lukewarm water again. Put it out of your memory.

    29. A pair of charcoal shoe deodorizers to bring your favorite sneakers that you love but sadly stink back to life. Basically, they absorb moisture and odor so you can wear your Adidas forEVER without worry.

    30. A cute charger label for an adorable way to tell roomies with sticky fingers, "I know you keep borrowing my charger and now I'll be able to keep track." Deep breaths.

    31. A set of bra strap clips that'll turn your favorite bra into a racerback so you can have comfort AND a neater-looking outfit. Plus! Reviewers use these to add extra support, thanks to the subtle lift.

    32. A pack of colorful refrigerator magnets, because these'll not only give a home to all those pictures you never got around to framing, but can also serve as a way to hang up helpful reminders. Dentist appointment notice...welcome to the fridge.

    33. A humane mouse trap so you can catch your new house guest while leaving everyone unscathed. Feel free to charge them rent.

    34. A pair of no-tie elastic shoelaces to make wearing your winter boots all season a lot less tedious — reviewers with arthritis also swear by these for making putting on shoes an easier task!

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