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    32 Trendy Pieces You Need If You Just Want To Be Super Comfy

    Because all we want is to look stylish, but feel like we're in sweats.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. An A-line tulle skirt, because there's truly nothing better than feeling comfy all darn day while dressed to the nines. Its *five layers* of tulle will be nothing but soft, soft, soft.

    2. A denim wrap dress that'll make you wonder why you ever even THOUGHT about wearing traditional jeans. It's time to embrace breezy styles and never look back.

    3. A V-neck romper with a self-tie cutout so you can not only enjoy the ease of a one-and-done outfit, but embrace its lightweight, I'm-basically-in-pajamas fabric. You may be out, but you're still with your couch in spirit.

    4. A print off-the-shoulder co-ord for proving life's a ~beach~ when you stick with loose, relaxed outfits. AND getting dressed requires zero thought?! Nobody pinch me.

    5. A front-tie T-shirt in both short and long sleeves, because this'll update your basics (hello, stylish buttons) but still protect you from restrictive tops.

    6. A leopard-print slip dress that'll help you stay on-trend all darn summer *and* keep you cool and dry, no matter how high the temperature rises.

    7. A bohemian maxi skirt with POCKETS so you can dress up your tops in a flash without the need for smothering denim. Humidity isn't nearly as awful when in a lightweight skirt.

    8. A pair of patchwork pleated shorts for tossing uncomfortable jean shorts to the side — they were always riding up your butt, anyway. These'll make you forget they're even there.

    9. A tie-waist printed maxi dress with a fun side slit, because showing off statement pieces shouldn't require tugging and pulling. This just gave ~effortless~ a whole new meaning.

    10. A Rolling Stones tie-dye T-shirt that'll make it seem like you didn't even try to look this cool, even if you really, really did. Will you feel like you're still in the oversized top that you wear to bed? Oh yeah.

    11. A cinched boho-print dress so you can upgrade your summer wardrobe and still feel as relaxed as when you're in gym shorts. Looking carefree should also FEEL that way — and this'll make sure of that, thanks to its breathable fabric.

    12. A pair of floral wide-leg cropped pants for never feeling like you're going to *wilt* in the heat again. Even your favorite leggings could never feel this soft and light.

    13. A cutout A-line dress, because 'tis the season for forgetting all about your favorite black jeans. They served you well, but your legs deserve to feel FREE in the sun.

    14. A halter-neck buttoned romper that'll feel even roomier than your go-to sweatshirt. Maybe leaving the house won't be so scary now that you can avoid confining clothing.

    15. A floral mini dress reviewers love to wear as a tunic so you can live in refreshingly loose outfits day and night — all while looking stylish. Hot out? Wear it alone. Getting chilly? Throw it over leggings to dress 'em up.

    16. A floral print romper to continue to live your life in basically pajamas, but now you'll look like you actually tried. It just doesn't get better than this.

    17. A hi-lo maxi top for getting dolled up for a night out without tearing yourself from the comfort of soft T-shirts. You'll probably still want to go home early, though. Your pajamas need you.

    18. A striped knit tank dress, because this'll surround you with nothing but 👏 super 👏 soft 👏 goodness 👏 so you don't want to rip off your clothes the minute you get home.

    19. A glitter mesh peplum top that'll help you *shine* all night when you miraculously don't feel suffocated by your going-out attire. It turns out you DO like to dance when you can move freely.

    20. A pair of loose leopard-print shorts so you can walk on the wild side — and by that I mean stay outside of your apartment beyond two hours. It's easy to enjoy plans when you feel like you're in sweats.

    21. A starry T-shirt dress for making your future look a heck of a lot ✨brighter✨ now that your work wardrobe won't cramp your style.

    22. A pair of high-waisted leggings with adjustable hem ties, because athleisure (and I can't stress this enough) will NEVER go out of style. We'll stop loving this comfy trend when the sky stops being blue.

    23. An off-the-shoulder one-piece that'll make laying on the beach so comfortable, you won't even mind when sand inevitably gets to your butt. And you better believe this swimsuit will lead to a full-fledged photoshoot.

    24. A pair of wide-leg cotton cropped pants so a) you can subtly wear on-trend outfits to even conservative offices and b) discover how SOFT structured bottoms can be when made with 97% cotton.

    25. A ruffled polka-dot dress with 🙌pockets🙌 for looking effortlessly put-together without sacrificing comfort. Dare I say you'll...prefer these over leggings? IT'S TRUE.

    26. A floral skort romper because yes, this'll keep you gloriously free from harsher bottoms, but also protect you from any ~windy situations~. Subway grates, you just met your match.

    27. A loose knit pullover that'll give your overused sweats a run for their money. Can they keep you relaxed AND update all your pants? I think not.

    28. A ruffled tie-shoulder midi dress so you can both add a welcome pop of color to your wardrobe and spend all day in refreshingly loose attire. People will understand if you can't resist the urge to dance in the street. You just feel so FREE.

    29. A lacy tank top for being the most stylish person in the room *and* the most at-ease, courtesy of its super light material. This'll give silky soft a whole new meaning.

    30. An embroidered twist knit T-shirt so you can live out the rest of your days in nothing but soft, soft cotton. You'll feel so relaxed, you might find yourself wondering if the bar can put on your shows. It's worth a try.

    31. A lightweight ruffled skirt that'll be the very definition of easy-breezy. Who knew getting dressed up could feel so darn comfy? If you realize you barely know it's there — I can assure you, you're not naked. Fret not.

    32. A pair of snakeskin palazzo pants for spending a record-breaking day at work NOT wanting to run home. Loose (stylish!) bottoms = no longer staring at the clock.

    When someone tries to convince you being comfy isn't always the priority:

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