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    Throw Out Your Shoes, Because FitFlop Is Having An Up To 70% Off Sale

    AND! You can get an extra 20% off with our exclusive code "BUZZ20"!

    HEAR YE, HEAR YE! FitFlop, our go-to destination for unbeatably comfortable shoes, is having an up to 70% off sale!

    AND! You can get an extra ~20%~ off with our exclusive promo code "BUZZ20"!

    *Excluding clearance!

    You only have this week so I went ahead and chose the ~best of the best~. LET'S. GET. SHOPPING.

    1. 60% off buckled leather Chelsea boots to put your foot down when it comes to choosing between style and comfort. It's time to have BOTH.

    2. 68% off lightweight metallic sneakers so you can always look fashionably sporty, even if you're spending the weekend on your couch.

    3. 76% off patent leather loafers for looking extra polished at work, but still prioritizing comfort. Cushioned footbeds? YES. PLEASE.

    4. 76% off shimmery slip-on mules, because you deserve to spend all darn day feeling like you never left your favorite house slippers.

    5. 60% off knit sock boots that'll have you *literally* walking on cloud nine every day of the week.

    6. 68% off suede lace-up boots so you can stomp out dressy options that bring you to your knees. Prepare to be comfortably on your feet from morning to night.

    7. 40% off double-buckled knee-high boots for a sophisticated style you can wear with anything from dresses to jeans — aka you'll live in cushioned paradise.

    8. 76% off floral leather slides, because these'll ~grow~ on you the minute you put them on. Can you sleep in these? Of course.

    9. 76% off leather Chelsea boots that'll make all your outfits OOTD worthy, especially when their cushioned footbeds leave you smiling every minute of the day.

    10. 60% off crystal suede sneakers so you every outfit you wear will suddenly be "practicality, but make it fashion".

    11. 52% off patent black leather ankle boots with stylish double buckles for taking a major step in the right direction when it comes to combining trends with comfort.

    12. 60% off metallic leather ankle boots, because these have come from the future specifically to save your poor, tired feet.

    13. 68% off mesh high-top sneakers that'll make you at the very least look incredibly sporty. Are you really walking to the bakery? That's no one's business.

    14. 76% off latticed leather sandals so you can actually spend your summer relaxed, instead of dealing with cramped piggies. Consider this a beach vacation for your toes.

    15. 76% off faux suede booties for *kicking back* and relaxing when trying to find a cute look you can wear throughout long work days. Behold: your Monday to Friday solution.

    16. 60% off checked Chelsea boots, because these'll stomp out your days of dealing with painful shoes in the name of fashion.

    17. 60% off zip-up leather sneakers that'll help you put your best foot forward without wanting to immediately go home and change. You're officially ready to show these off 24/7.

    18. 60% off suede ankle boots so you can make a ~smooth~ transition from your bunny slippers to grownup shoes. You'll still be comfy, I PROMISE.

    19. 60% off leather sneakers for relying on a trendy go-to that will literally never go out of style. I can't tell the future, but I'm pretty confident.

    20. 68% off faux-fur quilted booties, because these'll keep your piggies unbeatably warm no matter how much snow comes our way.

    21. 76% off leather slip-on sneakers that'll reward even your laziest days by making you look deceivingly stylish. Did you wake up five minutes before work? Who can tell?

    Don't forget to check out the rest of their incredible sale! And use promo code "BUZZ20" for that ~extra 20% off~!!!

    Trying to subtly show off your new shoes like:

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