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    21 Things You'll Absolutely Love If You Have A Dirty, Dirty Mind

    Nothing to see here! Just me and my cock cookbook.

    1. A "pot of gold" cookie cutter if you're trying to get lucky.

    2. An, um, stretchable mushroom if you're looking for a fungi.

    3. An impressively large sea creature to satisfy your oceanic curiosities.

    4. A party-pooping book that really needs to mind its own business.

    5. A mug for people who just really love to eat a juicy slice of pie.

    6. A Georgia O'Keeffe print with what is obviously the inside of a flower. How dare you?

    7. A sexy sloth putting their flexibility to good use.

    8. A bright taillight because getting hit by a car is a real ball buster.

    9. Some symbols of love as a way to spice up your kitchenware.

    10. A perfectly innocent game with totally appropriate images.

    11. Some tasty dessert for someone whose appetite is hard to satisfy.

    12. All-knowing soap and hand sanitizer because we live in a shared environment, and don't need to eat tarnished fruit.

    13. An overly excited bottle opener who's more than happy to de-cap your bottle.

    14. A useful guide to unleashing your creativity and making mom proud.

    15. A pair of golden balls to squeeze for good luck whenever you hit the road.

    16. A sensual cookbook for a tender night of chicken-loving.

    17. An eye-opening book in case your puss was getting bored of the usual activities.

    18. An unbelievably sexy pillowcase that shouldn't be in your bed if you're trying to sleep tonight.

    19. A ballsy stress-reliever so you can really release all that pent-up energy.

    20. A healthy dose of cock to really end the night right.

    21. A relaxing way to tea bag your evening. I'm getting fired.

    Now, please go to church.