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    31 Things To Make Your Hair Look Like You Stepped Out Of A Damn Commercial

    Who pays for the salon? NOT US. But no one will know that 😉.

    1. B Uniq Purple Hair Mask spaces out the amount of time in-between your trips to the $$$ salon by neutralizing yellow tones and brightening your blonde hair to fully platinum in just five minutes. AND it multitasks as a deep conditioner to add extra shine and help undo damage from bleaching.

    2. Xtava Large Hair Diffuser enhances your natural curls' texture and definition with ~360 degree~ airflow to dry hair evenly, maximize volume, and cancel pesky frizz. It even features extra-long tips with drying vents to speedily dry thick, long hair from root to tip. Goodbye, flyaways. Hello, sleek blowouts.

    3. Pantene Three-Minute Moisture Renewal Deep Conditioner transforms your tresses from weak to sleek (for cheap!) thanks to its fast-acting, repairing formula. 180 seconds of singing in the shower and it's SO LONG, FRIZZ. Bring. On. The. SHINE.

    4. Remilia Keratin Hair Treatment needs only a *drop* of its powerful blend of vitamin B5, silk proteins, and keratin to treat oily roots, hydrate parched locks, and strengthen damaged manes. You can use them as both a heat protectant and a quick repair serum!

    5. Wet Brush Swirl Flex Dry Collection is specially designed to gently detangle wet, tangled hair while you blow dry. Their open-vented design speeds up drying time by allowing moisture to be removed faster, while their heat-resistant bristles glide through damp locks to minimize pain, split ends, and breakage. Tl;dr: these'll prevent frizz and help you blow your hair out like a pro.

    6. As I Am Cowash Cleansing Conditioner enlists the hydrating benefits of coconut and castor oil to both wash and moisturize your natural curls. Its creamy finish won't leave any residue — only defined, shiny locks.

    7. Hask Smoothing Shine Oils work individually to address different hair concerns. Want to replenish moisture, shine, and softness to dull locks? Coconut oil is your answer. Need to smooth things over with frizzy hair? Keratin oil will bring your over-processed tresses back to a sleek, glossy state. Looking to repair damaged hair ASAP? Argan oil will use its rich, essential fatty acids to make strands go from stressed to silky.

    8. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer And Styler brings pro-like blowouts right to your ~fingertips~ by creating sleek, frizz-free 'dos in half the time. How? Flexible tangle-free bristles smooth and style your hair as you brush, while negative ions condition and reduce static as you dry. The result: an easy-peasy glossy mane.

    9. MaxSoft Scalp Care Brush scrubs away dandruff and dullness by gently deep-cleaning, exfoliating, and stimulating blood flow to your scalp in order to make sure every strand of hair gets the ultimate level of restoring treatment.

    10. Sexy Hair Spray & Play Volumizing Hairspray takes your traditional hairspray one step further. It ensures all-day hold for any 'do, but also gives your tresses MAJOR volume, texture, and shine. Not to mention, it'll last up to 72 hours even in humidity. I suppose you could call this an overachiever.

    11. Punky Semi-Permanent Conditioning Hair Color works on even dark hair (!!!) and puts expensive dye jobs to SHAME. Its shades are super saturated, can last over 25 washes, and conditions while it treats your tresses. Meaning you'll have a whole month of colorful, shiny hair.

    12. HerStyler Hair Repair Serum takes matters into its own hands when it comes to treating fried, damaged tresses. Infused with vitamin E, aloe vera, and argan oil, this bb works overtime to restore shine, flatten frizz, and overall bring that tired mane back to LIFE. And all it takes a few swipes of your fingers.

    13. Head And Shoulders Scalp Cream Treatment goes straight to the source to tackle excess oil, flaking, and dandruff. Its leave-in coconut oil blend seals in scalp moisture and promotes shiner, healthier hair. The best part — you can apply it in-between washes so you can use it anytime, anywhere.

    14. Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3 confronts bleach and coloring damage ~head on~ by quickly getting to work on strengthening each and every strand with bond-building technology. Basically, it'll bring your mane back to shiny and new no matter how many dang times you've dyed it.

    15. Herbal Essences Micellar Water Shampoo and Conditioner combine blue ginger, micellar water, and sea kelp to rejuvenate flat, limp hair. First, the shampoo removes excess dirt and oil (aka dulling components), then the conditioner nourishes every strand to promote volume and shine. Aka, this is the #dreamteam.

    16. Sky Organics Castor Oil promotes natural hair growth to easily encourage a fuller mane. It's rich in vitamins and fatty acids to balance your scalp's pH levels (goodbye, itchiness), which in turn will lead to soft, healthy tresses.

    17. Hask Argan Oil Repairing Deep Conditioner comes in an easy-to-use travel packet so you never have to accept vacation frizz again (CURSE you, hotel shampoo). A dollop of this + 10 minutes = smooth, glossy locks for your OOO insta.

    18. Kristen Ess Anytime Anywhere Recovery Balm conquers flyaways on-the-go with nothing more than this stick formula of coconut and castor oil. You can use it to treat damage, promote shine, add hold to updos, or tame split ends — all while going about your day. You are *officially* a multitasker.

    19. Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo won't punish you for going two (three?) days without a proper lather. In fact, it's pretty darn close to washing your hair without water. It uses rice starch to absorb excess oil without leaving white residue, while also adding volume *and* cooling your scalp. Dare I say, this is a reward for avoiding showers?!

    20. Eva NYC Mane Magic 10-in-1 Primer feeds your hair with argan oil, vitamins, and sunflower seed oil to supply you with everything you need for healthy locks in just a spritz. Use it as a heat protectant, to reduce frizz, add shine, detangle knots, WHATEVER. Name your mission — this is your sidekick.

    21. L'Oréal Elvive Total Repair 5 Protein Recharge Treatment helps you to hit the reset button on fried, over-processed manes. Its blend of almond extracts and protein elixirs both strengthens your hair and protects it from further heat damage — it can even withstand bleaching!

    22. HAWWWY Magic Hair Bun Maker encourages you to explore different seemingly sophisticated updos in a snap. Just twist your hair into this tool, shape it into the desired look, and take full credit for your new "skills". Countless new styles = one secret weapon.

    23. Garnier Fructis Sleek Shot In-Shower Styler truly cuts your morning routine in half. It can be mixed into your shampoo to streamline your shower (but keep all the conditioning benefits), and uses argan oil and plant keratin to smooth each and every strand as you blow dry, meaning you won't need to straighten. Shiny hair AND more time to sleep? Be still, my heart.

    24. Coco & Eve Like A Virgin Hair Masque allows you to rewind when it comes to years of coloring. Its astoundingly nourishing coconut and fig blend does such a good job at restoring shine and health, you'll wonder if you've ever SEEN bleach.

    25. Unicorn Snot Glitter Gel adds the DRAMA to nighttime (or everyday!) hair looks with colorful, easy-to-apply shimmer. All you need is this and your fingertips to make your newly glimmering roots ready to party. Plus, the gel dries clear and feels lightweight so you won't even know it's there — until it's selfie time, of course.

    26. Verb Ghost Oil adds major shine to even damaged tresses with just a few pumps. Its blend of Moringa oil and essential nutrients smooth frizz, fight humidity, and promote bouncy, healthy tresses no matter how many mornings you use a straightener. Fried hair is no longer in our vocabulary.

    27. Reecho Synthetic Hair Extensions grow your mane out without making you go the lengths. In fact, they'll bring you results in just a few clips instead of having to play the waiting game. Plus, you can go back to short the minute you want to change it back up!

    28. HSI Argan Oil Heat Protectant puts a barrier between your delicate strands and red-hot plates to avoid frying your hair. It's even chock-full of argan, coconut, and olive oil to not only guard your hair, but double as a leave-in conditioner to cancel frizz and make your locks s-h-i-n-e.

    29. John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Shampoo and Conditioner lightens dark hair without charging big salon bucks for highlights. They don't require previous bleaching — just a few lathers in the shower to enhance a natural-looking *glow*.

    30. Elizavecca CER-100 Protein Treatment packs on collagen-infused ingredients to turn back the hands of time and bring you the shine you DESERVE. Five minutes of wearing this mask, and your mane will be ready for its shampoo commercial debut. Commence slow-mo hair toss.

    31. Remington Pro 1-1½” Curling Wand creates effortless waves, even on stick-straight hair. It's simpler to control than traditional curlers so beginners can quickly master beach waves in a matter of minutes. Plus its ceramic plating helps to prevent heat damage *and* create a super smooth finish! No frizz allowed.

    Your frizz realizing you're breaking up with it like:

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