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    26 Things That'll Show The World How Much You Love Food

    "Is there going to be food there?" Me, going to work.

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    1. A sweatshirt set with the most perfect combination known to man — peanut butter and jelly — so the world knows your friendship is mainly based off of eating.,

    Get them from Iconic Duo: Peanut Butter and Jelly for $42 each (available in sizes S-L).

    2. An oversized peach stress toy that'll come in handy when you're getting hangry. It's been more than five minutes since you last ate, times are hard.

    Get it from Amazon for $2.89.

    3. A set of USB handwarmers for keeping you ~toasty warm~ while you earn money to get more food. Priorities.

    Get them from Urban Outfitters for $35.

    4. A patterned PopSocket, because you're probably already texting about snacks. Why not match your phone to the constant theme?

    Get it from Amazon for $9.93+ (available in four styles).

    5. A cartoon chain-strap shoulder bag so you can live out your mantra: fries before guys. Fries before literally anyone, really. Sorry everyone.

    Get it from Amazon for $10.69+ (available in six styles).

    6. A pair of chicken and waffle earrings that'll make people wonder what came first for you: the chicken or the insane love of food? we get to eat the chicken?

    Get them from Amazon for $13.95.

    7. A Harry Potter egg cup with a wand, I mean, spoon. Honestly, being told breakfast is ready might be more exciting than being told you're a wizard. I'm just speculating.


    Get it from Firebox for $11.69.

    8. A Sriracha mini keychain for ALWAYS being prepared. Anyone who doesn't have this is an amateur, and you know it.

    Get it from Amazon for $12.99.

    9. A set of food-themed socks, because sometimes you need to put your *foot down* on people's doubts for your constant love. Eating is your passion, they must understand.

    Get a six-pack from Amazon for $9.99 (available in five styles).

    10. A Too Cool For School pumpkin overnight mask so you can feel a part of PSL's even when you're sleeping. And to those saying "that's a beverage" — it is a food group, how dare you.

    Aside from the heavenly pumpkin scent, this will help give you glowing and radiant skin (thanks to pumpkin enzymes and vitamins A and C)! Goodbye dull, uneven skin.

    Get it from Sephora for $20.

    11. A snack bowl with a cell phone slot that'll make it known there's no such thing as watching Netflix and NOT eating. I've never heard of anything more ridiculous.

    Get it from Amazon for $7.96+ (available in three colors).

    12. A dino masher for showing people your love of potatoes will literally never go extinct. If a meteor came, we would definitely save our garlic potatoes.

    Get it from Amazon for $19.95.

    13. A duo of scented candles: Backyard BBQ and Grandma's Kitchen, because any serious food lover knows those are two different moods. Sometimes you're feeling ribs, other times homemade cookies.

    Get Backyard BBQ from Homesick Candles or Amazon for $29.95 (originally $34.95) and Grandma's Kitchen from Homesick Candles for $29.95 (originally $34.95) or from Amazon for $29.26.

    14. A set of macaron bath bombs so when anyone enters your bathroom, they know what you do in your free time. Which is relax in the tub with dessert. So SUE ME.

    Get an eight-pack from Amazon for $21.99.

    15. An enamel cat pin that'll depict to the lovely people of Chipotle how large you want your burrito. Big enough to sleep in, thank you.

    Get it from Amazon for $9.95.

    16. A meal-planning notepad for not so much grocery shopping, but more to prepare a wish list. Feel free to pass these out before lunchtime.

    Get it from Amazon for $5.60.

    17. A set of multi-grain coasters, because not only will these never get ~soggy~, but they'll probably inspire a toast in your honor.

    Get an eight-pack from ModCloth for $10 or from Amazon for $9.99.

    18. A variety of delicious-looking squeaky dog toys so everyone at the dog park knows it's like parent, like child.

    These come in milk and cookies, blueberry pancakes, bucket of chicken, coffee and donuts, popcorn bucket, and strawberry waffles!

    Get them from Amazon for $8.89+ (available in eight styles).

    19. A watermelon shower speaker that'll only play your guests songs like "I Want Candy," "Strawberry Fields Forever," and "American Pie." You know, the classics.

    Get it from Asos for $35.

    20. An egg separator for letting your friends know what's coming next: bacon, obviously. Sorry little piggy.

    Get it from Amazon for $12.96 (available in three styles).

    21. A pair of hamburger slippers, because you never know who you'll meat in the hallway. Hunger never rests.

    Get them from Amazon for $19.99 (available in sizes S-XL).

    22. A punny sticker you should never regret. Your sense of humor is delicious, I could eat it right up.

    Get it from TinyBeeCards on Etsy for $3.

    23. A donut push-pin holder so you always seem sweet at work. Unless you don't eat for more than 20 minutes.

    Get it from Amazon for $13.59 (available in 10 styles).

    24. A Skinfood honey pot lip balm that'll give Winnie The Pooh a run for his money. Oh, bother.

    Get it from Soko Glam for $10.

    25. A set of ceramic cat measuring cups for those of us with the purrfect brownie recipes. Though I'm not sure if we have enough to share...

    Get it from Amazon for $14.99.

    26. A carry-all pouch, because this will explain to your BFF why all your heart-to-hearts happen at Taco Bell.

    Get it from Creative Angel on Society6 for $15.99+ (available in sizes S-L).

    There's really no such thing as TMI when it comes to food, am I right?

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