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    32 Things You Need If You Want To Be Stylish But Don't Know How

    These will truly take your hand and make looking stylish easy peasy!!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A pair of crystal tassel earrings so even simple outfits have a pop of color.

    2. A silky square scarf you can style a million different ways, because old crossbodies deserve a *new life*.

    3. A faux leather belt bag that'll revamp skirts, dresses, high waisted jeans — if they have a middle section they're fair game!

    4. An asymmetrical wrap skirt for stepping up your work wardrobe in just a cinch.

    5. A pair of mirrored cat eye sunglasses so your usual outerwear suddenly looks super modern.

    6. A striped top with drawstring statement sleeves to contrast with anything from jeans to dressy skirts. Unexpected patterns = immediate blogger status.

    7. A patterned ruffle mini dress, because looking like you're off to NYFW is easy when all it takes is one easy step: pull item over head.

    8. A cropped colorblock scalloped sweater that'll make *waves* despite being paired with nothing more than old denim.

    9. A plain white cotton T-shirt for infinite layering possibilities: blazers, leather pants, chiffon skirts — you could wear this every day and still look entirely different.

    10. A cinched utility jumpsuit to complete a head-turning look with just this one-and-done piece.

    11. A duster cardigan so regular ensembles have a ~sweeping~ effect.

    12. A pair of suede cut-out ankle boots with etched metal detailing, because staple booties will make you look effortlessly cool for a lifetime.

    13. A matching check blazer and trouser set that'll be both a no-brainer in the morning and a seemingly fashion-forward choice.

    14. A pair of faux leather gloves (with touchscreen technology!) for never letting cold weather ~ruffle~ your ability to dress nicely.

    15. A bright activewear set to make your typical comfy choices look effortlessly trendy — all thanks to simple color coding.

    16. A western metal-buckled belt so you're finished accessorizing before you even know it.

    17. A pair of Mary Jane pumps with a chunky heel, because your wardrobe can reach new heights when you wear outgoing shoes.

    18. A cozy reversible blanket poncho that'll come in handy when you're freezing in the office but don't want to ruin your outfit.

    19. A pair of high-rise striped palazzo pants so you can achieve fun patterns without breaking into a nervous sweat. You've GOT this.

    20. A pleated chiffon maxi skirt to transform into the picture of glamor with nothing more than this and a plain top.

    21. A pair of velvet buckled flats for ~pointing~ you in the right direction without ever giving up comfort.

    22. A pair of inexpensive, lightweight fashion sneakers, because we're still saving money for Manolo Blahniks. You can cut spending corners with this functional trend.

    23. A cheerful polkadot midi skirt that'll easily brighten your closet and encourage you to wear more daring colors.

    24. A faux leather satchel (with plenty of pockets) for ensembles from professional to trendy, depending on the occasion. Tldr: this will go with anything.

    25. An open-front blazer with a cutout collar to turn an old T-shirt into just part of your most successful #ootd insta EVER.

    26. A padded puffer coat so you're never left in the ~cold~ when it comes to stylish outerwear.

    27. A set of patterned fishnets, because your favorite LBD is yearning for some change.

    28. A pair of colorful cropped trousers for livening up your basics in little to no time.

    29. A geometric print silky blouse to make a smooth transition from the office to the weekend without accidentally overdressing.

    30. A pair of high-waist straight leg jeans so really any old sweater gets a cute makeover when tucked in.

    31. A set of fishnet socks with silky bows that'll add a feminine touch to your usual go-to sneakers.

    32. A graphic T-shirt, because keeping a small, budgeted closet is easy when you have plenty of layering pieces. Try this under a blazer and presto! You're a fashionista.

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