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    39 Things That'll Help You Feel More Put-Together In 2019

    I really feel like 2019 will be the year I don't wear leggings every day. But we'll see.

    1. A pack of pimple patches for draining zits overnight and reducing the lifetime of your breakout faster than you can say pop. In fact, they'll help you totally skip the whole "how to conceal this flaky scar" process.

    2. A loose-fitting sweater that'll let you stay your relentlessly comfortable self while still managing to look *extra* presentable for work.

    3. A printed button-down maxi dress, because this'll become your best friend when you need a one-and-done option to leave NOW. Consider this your savior.

    4. A bottle of Garnier micellar water so you'll always go to bed with no makeup, even if you hate washing your face. Two seconds of wiping off your mascara (waterproof included!) with this and you're in bed — I PROMISE.

    5. A pair of fashionable anti-UV glare computer glasses for helping you get through emails without a headache (at least from the blue light). AND you'll still look cute!

    6. A pair of ruffled leggings that'll prove living in comfort will always be *in vogue*. Will you wear these for the next 365 days in a row? Absolutely.

    7. An ultra-slim pocket wallet, because this'll fit all your cash and cards without the bulky pocket. Tl;dr: you'll have no excuse to leave your MetroCard in the wrong jacket pocket now.

    8. A pair of leather leggings so you can ~kick up~ your wardrobe with some edge starting January 1st — heck, do it one leg at a time.

    9. A Kat Von D liquid lipstick with a cult-favorite reputation for lasting (and lasting) ALL. DARN. DAY. Drink all the coffee you want — this'll keep you looking *done up* the whole time.

    10. A sharp blazer for not only keeping chicly warm in chilly offices without ruining your outfit, but easily dressing up your favorite t-shirt on a daily basis.

    11. A pair of embellished ankle boots that'll elevate your style while keeping you comfortably low to the ground.

    12. A ruffled tunic, because this'll dress up the same exact pair of leggings you've been pulling out of the hamper all week.

    13. A leave-in argan oil treatment — a well-loved and simple solution for many a frizz and damage fighter. Why? It starts at the the scalp to restore shine to even the most over-processed, burnt hair. You'll be able to show off shiny tresses in no time.

    14. A pair of delicate earring climbers so those of us who never take our earrings off can still look polished and on-trend every day when just keeping these in.

    15. A Maybelline BB cream for skipping foundation altogether, thanks to its ability to blur pores, hydrate skin, and give you a ~natural-looking glow~. Go ahead, hit the snooze button again.

    16. A rib-knit sweater dress that'll be perfect for layering over the same old t-shirt you love wearing, anyway.

    17. A bottle of Fanola purple shampoo, because this'll brighten your blonde hair to fully platinum in just one to three minutes. Meaning: you get to maintain platinum blonde tresses ALL YEAR without a trip to the pricey salon.

    18. A pleated midi skirt with a faux leather belt so you can throw this over literally any top and still look promotion-ready. We may even have time to snooze....DON'T TEMPT ME.

    19. A set of toe-topping socks to make sure a) nothing shows on top of your fancy sneakers and ruins your whole outfit and b) you don't have to deal with anything slipping off your feet mid-day. Is there anything worse? NO.

    20. An Etude House brow pencil for a new go-to if your brows aren't even friends (more like third cousins removed). This will fill in even thin hairs for a natural-looking yet bold finish with its double-sided design: one to precisely draw and the other to neatly brush.

    21. A mini fabric steamer that'll ensure you won't ever show up to work in a wrinkly blouse on top of being late again. The small design makes it easy to use, but is powerful enough to have you out the door pronto. Guess who doesn't look like they grabbed their top off The Chair in the morning anymore?

    22. A set of press-on nails, because you can cover up bitten cuticles and have pro-level looks ~on hand~. The name of the salon where you got your nails done? Uh...Chez Moi.

    23. A super-comfy t-shirt dress so you have something to throw on all year when paired with tights and knee-high boots. And you better bet you'll feel like you're still in your PJs. Lazy dressers rejoice!

    24. A winged eyeliner for canceling smudgy-teared mornings of trying to create the perfect cat eye by simply stamping on pro-level wings. Will you get all the credit? Obviously.

    25. A nylon backpack with a trendy pom-pom that'll make you leave the worn-out backpack you've been using since your freshman year of college in 2018.

    26. A button-down top with a chic knot, because this'll keep you comfy, plus add a *touch* of polish. Will we be wearing with this at least once a week? YEP.

    27. A Maybelline under-eye concealer so you can treat dark circles so quickly it won't even feel like an extra step. Look who's drinking water and sleeping! At least so it seems.

    28. A button-down jumpsuit for layering this over your favorite turtleneck, throwing on some shoes, and calling it a DAY. Yet we're ready for an OOTD post!

    29. A Stila corrective primer with three serums that'll neutralize redness, conceal blemishes, energize skin tones, and brighten complexions — all before you have time to mess up. What do we want? RESULTS. How do we want it? In the simplest way possible, please.

    30. An oversized sweatshirt dress, because your dreams just became true: you can now fashionably live sweats. PINCH ME.

    31. A stylish baseball cap so you can ~cut out~ any bad hair days — and by that I mean we haven't washed our hair in about three days. No one shall know.

    32. A set of double-tipped pointed cotton swaps for quickly fixing smudged eyeliner or really any mistakes, instead of singing "hello darkness, my old friend" and leaving the messy wings. YOU CAN DO — oh look, you're already done it.

    33. A pair of elastic ballet flats that'll help you look polished at the office, minus the *sole*-crushing heels.

    34. A pair of seamless hipster undies, because this is the year we'll tell panty lines the ~bottom line~: they are no longer welcome to ruin our pencil skirts. Sorry not sorry.

    35. A bun maker so people will believe you keep your hair in tip top shape every darn day. They'll never know we actually laid in bed scrolling Instagram for an hour.

    36. An Alba Botanica night cream for sleeping on improving dry and uneven skin tones. It'll pick up the night shift so you don't have to by fighting discolored pigmentation and deeply moisturizing so you wake up with a bright, supple complexion.

    37. A striped pencil skirt with subtle slits that'll bring amazing news: this goes with your favorite sweatshirt AND makes it look dressier. I'll pass the tissues.

    38. A pack of freshening body wipes, because if you don't have time to shower after working out (or you just slept too long) these'll swoop in and save the day. Goodbye, acne-causing bacteria. Hello, lovely-smelling armpits.

    39. A double-breasted trench coat so you can ditch your overused parka and give your work clothes the dressy treatment they DESERVE.

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