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    27 Products I Straight-Up Dare You Trolls To Hate

    Look what you made me do.

    1. A sexy shower curtain featuring a sloth who's really making it rain.

    2. A pooch selfie stick because if you don't take 1000 pictures a day with your dog, your heart is dead.

    3. A guide to not giving a f*ck from the queen who's been stealing your man since 1928.

    4. An array of gorgeous hues for under 10 dollars — try to beat that, please.

    5. An attachable wine glass so you're just really efficient.

    6. A tee printed with the historical moment when Barbie chose to ditch Ken and make her life a 10.

    7. A hot cheese gun. How much melted dairy I consume is nacho business.

    8. A DIY sushi maker as a way to ensure that at least one thing in your life isn't ~falling apart~.

    9. A heartfelt welcome for your guests when they insist on coming over and interrupting your Netflix binge.

    10. A litter of kitties who will make each and every measurement purrfect.

    11. A nail polish holder that'll give staying in a nice *ring* to it.

    12. A gorgeous accent chair if you'd like to pamper your bum with velvet.

    13. A breakfast sandwich maker so you don't have to even get dressed to live the fast food life, aka the best life.

    14. Some enchanting floral lipsticks to really make your pout blossom.

    15. An unapologetic phone case because your resting bitch face is no accident.

    16. A glowing unicorn who is tired of being told that their species is made up. They are real, and they are protecting you from the Boogeyman.

    17. A majestic super suit that proves not all heroes wear capes, just really cute costumes.

    18. A sensual cookbook so you can whisper "let's take this to the kitchen."

    19. A provocative pin in case it's date night and time for the art of seduction.

    20. A glittery cream shadow as a way to *glow up* while using a cruelty-free brand.

    21. A true work of art. It's time to grow a friend.

    22. Some scorching hot sandals to maintain your reputation as a fashion trailblazer.

    23. A beautiful rose petal bath mix that makes it impossible to feel salty.

    24. An adorable couple who'll sprinkle a bit of love on your food, but not in an unsanitary way.

    25. An inviting pillow case as a real excuse to drool in your sleep.

    26. A bewitched backpack to prepare you to run through a wall in hopes of finding the Hogwarts Express.

    27. A fearless top that dares people to have an issue with an intentional nip slip.

    These products just woke up like this.