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    27 Expensive-Looking Things You'll Never Believe Are From Walmart

    Make people think you select "price: high to low" while online shopping.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. A plush floor pillow to rest your so-called fancy bum.

    2. A furry coat that'll heat up your wardrobe without the bank having to freeze your account.

    3. A decorative pineapple so your guests will pine to live in your sweet pad.

    4. A mirrored tray for when you need to cover up counters that have seen better days.

    5. An ombré shag rug to pamper your feet, even if you can't afford the spa.

    6. A satiny duvet and pillowcase set, because it's impossible to get up on the wrong side of the bed if you feel like Marie Antoinette.

    7. A set of gold mirrors to make your home the fairest of them all.

    8. A rock salt lamp for soothing vibes that'll make people think they're in a spa, not an apartment the size of a shoe box.

    9. A colorful set of makeup brushes that'll make you glad not all that glitters is gold, because you don't have any.

    10. A metallic feather pillow to instantly upgrade that couch you've had since college.

    11. A faux fur storage ottoman so you feel like Martha Stewart while hiding everything in your path before people come over.

    12. A pair of sparkly ear climbers that'll stealthily help you ~rise up~ the ranks as most fashionable.

    13. A makeup organizer with white pearls so you almost forget that you've been making your mascara last for about three months now.

    14. A hand-painted dinnerware set to help further your dream of living like Ina Garten.

    15. A low-priced floral wrap maxi dress for a wardrobe that can keep on growing.

    16. A rose gold stapler and tape dispenser so you can feel chic at your desk while deleting emails from FedLoan.

    17. A pair of tea light candleholders that won't shed a light on how often you search your jeans pockets for laundry quarters.

    18. A gold organizer, because you'll never "have the same amount of hours in the day as Beyonce" if you spend half of them digging for your brushes.

    19. A neon light to *glow up* your place without paying a heartbreaking price.

    20. A metal lantern so you can tell people you spend Sundays antiques hunting, not sitting on your couch for 14 hours in the dark.

    21. A dazzling bracelet for a very sparkly trick up your sleeve.

    22. A sleek bar cart that'll admittedly force you to graduate from Franzia.

    23. A brass lamp to make sure even the cheapest of desks never look dim.

    24. A faux fur throw, because lounging should feel like a royal pastime, and not what you do to avoid spending money.

    25. A gold and marble lamp so it suddenly *clicks* that you don't need to spend hundreds just for some light.

    26. A mirrored tray that won't ~reflect~ how much you spent.

    27. A set of LED candles to clear you from any burns your friends could make about your space.

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