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    34 Amazing Things From Nasty Gal You'll Want To Wear All Fall

    Fall so hard motherpumkins want to spice me.

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    1. A satin blouse that has an elastic hem to allow you to move freely while picking apples.

    Price: $44 Sizes: 2–8

    2. A vegan suede skirt with a lace-up detail to soak up the last warm days of early autumn.

    Price: $40 Sizes: 2–8

    3. A pair of high-waisted floral flare pants if you're looking to camouflage with the foliage.

    Price: $36 Sizes: 2–8

    4. A pair of visor shades so you can protect yourself from another glorious morning (makes me sick!).

    Price: $16

    5. A vibrant chunky sweater to successfully blend in with the pumpkins while hiding from ghosts.

    Price: $50 Sizes: XS–L

    6. A knitted maxi that'll make people want to *read between the lines* to know how you could afford both this and 10,000 pounds of candy.

    Price: $50 Sizes: 2–8

    7. A pair of wrap-around flats with shiny ribbons to smooth the transition between seasons.

    Price: $36 Sizes: 5–10

    8. A starry plush choker you'll actually want around your throat, unlike the hands of a zombie. But, hey, I don't know what you're into!

    Price: $16

    9. A paisley wrap dress if you want to look extra nice to impress a hot scarecrow.

    Price: $40 Sizes: 2–8

    10. A pair of bold tassel earrings so you can look fancy AF, even while trick-or-treating with children.

    Price: $12

    11. A pair of vegan leather sneaks with embellished flowers that'll only flourish in nippy weather.

    Price: $40 Sizes: 5–10

    12. A pair of velvet pants that'll feel as smooth as a PSL tastes.

    Price: $40 Sizes: 2–8

    13. A fuzzy ribbed knit to feel like the bottom of candy corn, which everyone knows is the best part.

    Price: $38 Sizes: S–L

    14. A faux fur jacket in case you thought your seasonal Instagrams couldn't get any better.

    Price: $140 Sizes: 2–8

    15. A pair of fishnet tights if you want to cast a spell on your admirers with your fashion-forward taste.

    Price: $12

    16. A pair of embellished loafers for a look that'll set you apart from the basic witches.

    Price: $40 Sizes: 5–9

    17. A snake-print wrap dress that'll help you slither perfectly to the Monster Mash.

    Price: $45 Sizes: 2–8

    18. A pair of head-turning thigh highs, because when you've got it, you should haunt it.

    Price: $80 Sizes: 5–8

    19. A skeletal shirt if you have a bone to pick about Halloween only being once a year.

    Price: $30 Sizes: S–L

    20. A velvet T-shirt dress with a relaxed fit so you can stay comfortable, even as you get your fourth helping on Thanksgiving. Plus, it has pockets for a road snack.

    Price: $40

    21. A ruffle top that won't ~cut out~ your budget for floor to ceiling Halloween decorations.

    Price: $40 Sizes: 2–8

    22. A pair of striped flare pants to add a burst of color on dreary gray days.

    Price: $36 Sizes: 2–8

    23. A pom pom beanie so you can stay toastier than freshly-roasted pumpkin seeds.

    Price: $16

    24. A pair of vegan leather pants if you want to make people say "oh my gourd."

    Price: $50 Sizes: 0–8

    25. A sunflower-print blouse that won't wilt as the temperatures fall.

    Price: $40 Sizes: XS–L

    26. A bold turtleneck with statement sleeves so you can be more show-stopping than the Great Pumpkin.

    Price: $30 Sizes: 2–8

    27. A velvet backpack if you want something trendy to carry your spellbooks.

    Price: $36

    28. A gold chain choker so you can distract people from your resting witch face.

    Price: $8

    29. A distressed sweater that you can say got ripped in a battle with Freddy Krueger.

    Price: $40 Sizes: S/M–M/L

    30. A pair of patent loafers with glittery stars to keep a full moon company.

    Price: $40 Sizes: 5–10

    31. A bright sweater for a nice break from your daily all-black outfits.

    Price: $44 Sizes: XS–XL

    32. A chic longline coat so you're out the door faster than you can say "hocus pocus."

    Price: $80

    33. A pair of check trousers that'll be nowhere near as itchy as a hayride.

    Price: $50 Sizes: S–L

    34. A pair of studded velvet booties to stomp on the leaves in style.

    Price: $50 Sizes: 5–10

    Me, trying to wear my sweaters in 70 degree weather:

    Lee Mendelson Film Productions

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