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    24 Must-Haves For People Who Pretty Much Spend Their Lives In The Bathroom

    Now you'll never have to leave again. The products in this post were updated in October 2017.

    1. An iPad mount stand so you can watch your number one show while doing number two.

    2. Some LED tea lights so you don't accidentally set yourself on fire while trying to relax.

    3. A toilet paper wall mount with a built-in shelf to make your daily Instagram sleuthing that much easier.

    4. And a collection of crosswords, trivia, puzzles, and more, in case you tragically forget your phone.

    5. An inflatable bathtub because spending hours standing in a shower isn't as fun.

    6. A botanical shower curtain if you'd like to brighten up your favorite room.

    7. A waterproof notepad to jot down strokes of genius or just a half-hearted doodle.

    8. A luxurious bathtub tray because what is a bath without snacks, drinks, your iPad, and probably more snacks?

    9. A set of incense that'll either mask some ~smells~ or create a zen environment, your call.

    10. A waterproof speaker if you need to jam to Beyonce, water bill be damned.

    11. A bamboo shower seat bench so you can really sit in there and avoid responsibilities until the water runs cold.

    12. A magnifying vanity mirror for the person who spends hours perfecting the impossible winged eyeliner.

    13. A potty piano that Mozart would have definitely used while composing some ~potent~ music.

    14. A suction wine/beer can holder because you are an adult, and can drink in the shower if you want.

    15. An aromatherapy oil diffuser to find your inner peace in your tiled zen garden.

    16. A shower head that can condition, moisturize, and even release aromatherapeutic minerals to transport you to a spa without the price tag.

    17. A game of golf if you want to practice your swing off the course. Just be sure to stay safely on the toilet.

    18. A curved shower rod for a more spacious retreat.

    19. Some extra-fluffy towels to spoil your bum.

    20. A towel warmer because leaving hot water for freezing air is too much to handle.

    21. A non-slip pillow so you don't bang your head on porcelain.

    22. A guide to bathroom yoga if you're flexible about how you *release energy*.

    23. A drain cover to bring the water and your happiness to the brim.

    24. A waterfall sink faucet for a classy touch to your royal chambers.

    Who even needs a couch when you have a porcelain throne?

    Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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