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    33 Things For Anyone Who Can't Stand Their Roommates

    Finally, a way to coexist.

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    1. A pair of foam earplugs, because these'll effectively block the sound of your roommate playing video games until 3 a.m. Plus! They contour to your ear so you barely know they're there (just like your now-silent roomie).

    2. A shower caddy separator that'll keep your shampoos and conditioners SAFE from a certain someone who keeps "borrowing." Make it known you each have a side and keep. it. that. way.

    3. Or! A portable caddy so you can keep everything even *further* from their grasp. Maybe even hide this under the bed.

    4. A white noise machine to not only drown out distractingly loud dorms so you can sleep through the night, but *also* be able to concentrate if you study in your room. Soothing sounds > yelling people.

    5. Or! A sound machine with soothing nature sounds that'll ~wash~ over your pillow and help you forget about your roommate who's either practicing how to yodel or talking on the phone. Hard to decide which.

    6. A bottle of Poo-Pourri, because the last thing you want from the person you hate most is...evidence that they've used the bathroom. Live in peaceful bliss.

    7. A self-adhesive seal strip to cheaply soundproof your room without any hefty investments. This'll prevent their show (with the volume at seemingly 1,000) from creeping into your space — who knew door cracks were the real culprit?

    8. A mini Instant Pot for making individual meals that do NOT have to be shared with anyone. Plus, you'll be able to use fewer dishes, meaning there's a whole lot less confrontation on your horizon.

    9. A noise-reducing room divider so living in an open dorm doesn't mean you never get a break from their (extremely) loud ways. This'll minimize the sounds of them video chatting until dawn *and* create a sense of privacy.

    10. A label maker that'll let you put your name on e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g, including your box of granola bars that seem to attract sticky fingers.

    11. A set of stick-on bumper pads for muffling everything, from slamming microwaves, toilet lids, glasses, cabinets, you name it. If they make a scene with it, it's fair game.

    12. A TP storage holder stand, because if you're left stranded on the toilet ONE MORE TIME, you are going to lose it. Now you'll never have to yell your roommate's name at the worst moment possible.

    13. A draft-blocker for preventing noises from drifting in your room through underneath the door. Its soundproof, three-layer design will stop the echoes of banging drums in their ~path~, leaving you blissfully unaware.

    14. A set of organizing food bins so you can separate your groceries in a way that feels less confrontational than constantly asking them to NOT eat your pickles. Separated produce = boundaries.

    15. A natural headache-relief balm, because you already know you NEED this based on what feels like a lifetime of listening to them do everything at high volume. Now you can sit in your room without your brain throbbing.

    16. A pan and bakeware rack organizer that'll reduce the chances of your roomie banging everything together just to find that *one* skillet. These'll make sure they see it, grab it, and hopefully cook QUIETLY.

    17. A pair of bluetooth headphones so you can study, watch TV, or even just listen to music uninterrupted and stay in the zone thanks to their impressive sound quality and around-ear cushion design for an ~immersed environment~. No more missing that very important scene because your roomie was singing in the shower.

    18. A portable laptop desk, because working in your living room is sadly never an option. This + headphones = a new record for how long you studied uninterrupted while in your bedroom.

    19. A cute charger label for an adorable way to say, "I know you keep borrowing my charger and now I'll be able to keep track." Deep breaths.

    20. A lavender-scented pillow mist to drift off to dreamland more easily by using this to encourage ~peace of mind~. This'll keep you relaxed, even if you hear bumps in the night — which are actually just your roommate making at 2 a.m. sandwich.

    21. A dishwasher magnet, because this'll be a cute, non-aggressive way to communicate with them whether the dishes are clean or dirty — as weird as this may sound, plates DON'T have legs and can't put themselves away. But only one of you didn't know that.

    22. A timer safety outlet so you can rest assure all toasters, hair straighteners, WHATEVER are actually turned off when you know you can't rely on your roommate to know for sure.

    23. An essential oil diffuser for ending the day on a relaxing note, even after your roommate tried to Venmo you twice for the same darn cleaning supplies. Just breathe in some soothing essential oils and you will get through this, I PROMISE.

    24. A handy grocery pad that'll prove useful when you've already texted them THREE TIMES that they need to get more olive oil. Hang this on the fridge and never back down.

    25. A quiet robot vacuum, because this'll cancel those extra-loud cleaning sessions your roommate insists on doing every darn weekend. You have shows to watch! Now your carpets will always be clean and The Office will play uninterrupted.

    26. A magnetic whiteboard so you can publicly plan your week or simply write not-so-subtle messages ("waking up at 7 a.m.!!!") so they KNOW they shouldn't be loud at night without the need for major confrontation.

    27. A key-hiding rock for an easy solution if you've already lost count how many times your roommate has gotten locked out — so *you* have to leave work early to rescue them. NO. LONGER. Now they've always have a backup.

    28. A fleece headband with built-in headphones that'll replace their blasting show (hello, open dorm) with a relaxing podcast or playlist. Its cool mesh panels stay in place if you toss and turn *and* it contours to feel like the perfect fit. You can even pull it down to use as a sleep mask!

    29. An app called Splitwise so you can keep track of shared bills and rent without feeling like you're constantly nagging them. Now they'll *have* to pay you back for utilities, because you will know if they're avoiding you.

    30. A set of silicone cooking tools, because these'll eliminate the chances of your roomie scratching your precious cookware AGAIN — not to mention, these'll really bring noise down to a minimum if they cook very loudly.

    31. A set of airtight containers to keep snacks safely in your room if your Oreos keep...disappearing. These'll make sure nothing goes bad *and* will protect your food from bugs.

    32. A package of ashwagandha powder for making Insta-worthy moon milk and easing into going to bed, instead of panicking every time it's lights-out (is David going to turn on the TV again?!?!). It can soothe stress, which is probably a big problem when living with loud people.

    33. A TubShroom, because you KNOW your roommate is never going to snake the drain. You may both have hair, but only one of you is going to deal with it (and we know who). Now this'll do most of the work.

    Just about every night with your roommate:

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