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    21 Things You'll Love If You're A Complete And Total Ice Queen


    1. A pair of oversized sunglasses to judge people under the radar.

    2. A totally sincere nameplate. You're not rolling your eyes at your coworkers *at all*.

    3. A cursing coloring book that'll warn people off so you can draw in peace.

    4. A protective doormat because solicitors aren't the only unwanted visitors in your home.

    5. Some standoffish socks so you can ~kick back~ and relax without intruders.

    6. A pair of romantic earrings. A great opener on your Bumble.

    7. A hoodie pillow to wear when you don't even need to nap—you just want to avoid people.

    8. A phone case covered with the tears of those who were dumb enough to try and play you.

    9. A heartfelt card that really covers all you feel.

    10. A very relatable pin so you can carry around an identical twin.

    11. An honest hat, in case your resting bitch face isn't scary enough.

    12. Some cheerful balloons that'll really make the guest of honor feel loved.

    13. A reflective pouch with not so much of a sad statement, but a victory cry.

    14. A ladylike T-shirt that's probably mimicking your regular gestures.

    15. A steaming cup of stay in bed all day and ignore your phone.

    16. A helpful notebook for when coworkers suddenly think you're willing to do anything but stare at the ceiling.

    17. A motivational denim jacket so admirers can get a dose of encouragement.

    18. A friendly pin if subtle hints aren't doing enough.

    19. A set of rings in case your middle finger is empty.

    20. A shirt featuring the constant inner thought that probably plays in your head on repeat.

    21. A petty phone case as a perfect response for anyone who remotely disagrees with you, as if!

    **Boy approaches**