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    40 Things That'll Help You Become The Best Dressed In Your Office In 2020

    *Posts outfit of the day* *Waits for promotion*

    1. A printed midi dress in ~18~ patterns so you can cheaply stock up on a slew of chic and professional go-tos. Heck, get one for Monday through Friday (but Saturday is for sweats).

    2. A zebra-print blouse to literally turn your back on boring basics. Why else show up to work, if not for the compliments?

    3. A pair of fleece-lined faux leather leggings, because these'll help you ~kick up~ even casual work wardrobes with some edge starting this month — I highly suggest you wear these while listing all the reasons you deserve a raise. You'll feel more than badass enough to do it.

    4. A bottle of leather honey conditioner that'll undo any possible damage on your leather or suede shoes, so your outfits can go back to looking totally put-together. Spending less than $20 on this > having to invest in more work shoes.

    5. A textured jumpsuit for making yourself *officially* known as the trendiest in the office. It's not easy earning that title — unless you have this.

    6. A ribbed turtleneck dress so you're up to your neck in compliments the minute you walk into the lobby. Believe in the power of this dress.

    7. A tweed skirt (with pockets!) to add just a *touch* of color to your usually all-black work ensembles. Conservative office employees — you just found your new favorite hack.

    8. A pair of ruffled leggings, because these'll prove living in comfort can actually look very professional. Will you wear these for the next 365 days in a row? Absolutely.

    9. A tulle maxi skirt that'll have you twirling in the office when you spend 9-to-5 basking in compliments. No one will even notice you "forgot" to reply to that email...

    10. A cashmere sweater for feeling super luxurious *and* cozy all darn day when wearing this investment piece at LEAST once a week. It'll subtly upgrade all your ensembles (ty, gorgeous material) without the need for restrictive clothing.

    11. A faux leather watch so you can rock a look that says, "yes, I'm def a professional who is the fanciest in this office." No one has to know this baby is under $20.

    12. A rib knit dress with a sophisticated belt to rely on a look that requires zero effort, but has unlimited ~payoff~.

    13. A knit sweater with dramatic sleeves, because you'll feel cozy all day, yet look like you put in a ton of effort that morning. Did you really sit on your bed staring at the ceiling? None of their business.

    14. A set of patterned stockings that'll give your usual rotation of dresses an easy update. Meaning they will NOT look like you just picked them from the hamper.

    15. A puff-sleeve choker dress channeling some Kelly Kapoor and bring much-needed drama to the office. The good kind, of course!

    16. A pair of elastic ballet flats so you look polished at the office, minus any *sole*-crushing heels. The next 365 days are going to be nothing but comfy feet. I'm not crying, you're crying.

    17. A cashmere-like poncho to keep warm in the office AND never ruin your outfit. Not all heroes wear capes, but this looks a lot like one — just saying.

    18. A printed silky bandana, because this'll easily add some stylish appeal to the very same blouse you've been wearing forever. Today is the day it says, "Hello, I will take my raise in CASH."

    19. A retro midi dress that'll make you look so effortlessly put-together, people wonder if you were appointed CEO. Feel free to tell them yes.

    20. A zip-front pencil skirt for a sophisticated (and approachable) update to your usual office staples. You can zip it all the way closed or as high as you'd like — aka it's an easy way to try different looks with the exact same clothing.

    21. A velvet button-down tunic so you can throw this over even leggings (!!!) and still look extra dressed up. BE STILL, MY HEART.

    22. A pair of high-waisted belted trousers to give your everyday blouses some welcome flair. Leave your casual jeans behind in 2019.

    23. A faux leather tote, because this'll let you carry your laptop fashionably without ~shouldering~ the burden of a hefty credit card bill. Repeat after me: Backpacks do not follow me after graduation.

    24. A knit cold shoulder dress that'll let you *shrug off* hump day blues of having "nothing to wear." This'll quickly become your favorite one-and-done.

    25. A midi pencil skirt with a ruffled hem and available in *23* styles for a basic that'll stick to your side (no pun intended) for years to come, while still adding some unexpected color and design to your look. Tl;dr: it's fun, but will never go out of style.

    26. A fabric defuzzer so you can make all your clothes look totally new and lint-free — super old sweater included.

    27. A cozy sweater dress to make your wish come true: you can now feel like you're wearing pajamas to work — AND still look stylish as all heck. We might even enjoy sitting at our cubicle...

    28. A cinched peplum top, because this'll keep your wardrobe in full bloom, even when the rest of your motivation is wilting.

    29. A mini fabric steamer that'll ensure you won't ever show up to work in a wrinkly blouse again. The small design makes it easy to use, but is powerful enough to have you out the door pronto. Guess who doesn't look like they grabbed their top off The Chair in the morning anymore?

    30. A semi-sheer, ruffled blouse for still *feeling* casual at the office, but looking a whole lot more sophisticated — I suppose this is really what being an adult is all about.

    31. A pack of seamless underwear so you can avoid annoying panty lines (because commando feels like a disaster waiting to happen on presentation day). It's a super-cheap solution to wondering if it's "just the lighting" or that this really is happening. Great.

    32. A pair of buttoned high-waisted jeans to still wear black denim 365 days a year, but now you'll look on-trend and a heck of a lot more put together.

    33. A delicate necklace and crawler earrings you can wear every day if you're one to forget to put on jewelry. Every outfit will look upgraded with these (even when you forget you even have 'em on).

    34. A pair of flowy wide-leg pants, because these'll let you mimic the feeling of loose sweats on your ~lazy days~. You'll still appear dressed up and office-apropos, but now you're super comfy. Sadly, we can't watch Netflix at our desks.

    35. A fit and flare dress with *pockets* that'll let you rely on this as an office staple for years to come — especially when you realize you finally have somewhere to put your hands when feeling incredibly awkward (so all the time).

    36. A pair of wide-legged trousers for guaranteeing a sweeping entrance when you burst into the conference room to demand a raise.

    37. A printed button-down maxi dress so you'll never run late again, thanks to this no-brainer number. Throw this on when you need to leave NOW and enjoy the compliments. Consider this your savior.

    38. A silky, belted dress to throw this on five minutes before work and still win Best Dressed. Add this to your resume ASAP.

    39. A colorblock A-line dress with POCKETS, because this'll make adding a pop of fun color to your office wardrobe is as easy as sending a fax. Actually, this is definitely easier.

    40. And a splurge-worthy J.Crew Italian wool blazer that'll last you years and years (it's designed to feel comfortable all yearlong). It has the *perfect* amount of stretch, will dress up everything (old jeans included), and become the easiest and chicest way to make yourself look extra professional.

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