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    27 Gorgeous Things At Urban Outfitters To Update Your Wardrobe

    Honestly, who doesn't spend all their money at this store?

    Ellie Sunakawa / BuzzFeed

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    1. A sunny wrap dress to shed some light on your closet.

    Promising Review: "This dress is super lightweight and perfect for summer, but also not see-through." —mellowyellow210

    Price: $59 (available in two colors and sizes XS-XL)

    2. Some fashionable sneakers because comfort and style can come hand in hand — or foot in foot.

    Price: $80 (available in two colors and sizes 6-9.5)

    3. A pair of upgraded sweatpants as a way to venture outside in essentially your pajamas.

    Price: $39 (available in two colors and sizes S-L)

    4. A ribbed sweater that'll have you ~up to your neck~ in compliments.

    Price: $44 (available in four colors and sizes XS-XL)

    5. A sheer tank with blossoming details to bring your outfit to full bloom.

    Price: $39 (available in sizes XS-XL)

    6. A pair of cute culottes as yet another variation of black bottoms to add to your growing collection.

    Promising Review: "The fit is so flattering, and the material is so comfy! Love them." —meganh21

    Price: $44 (available in sizes S-L)

    7. A cropped blouse for something that'll ~meet you in the middle~ when dressing up.

    Price: $59 (available in sizes XS-XL)

    8. A gingham mini to prove less really is more.

    Price: $49 (available in sizes 0-12)

    9. A ruffled statement piece with major bell sleeves to make the world your runway.

    Price: $80 (available in sizes XS-L)

    10. Some classic Adidas leggings because you don't need to go to the gym to rock the three stripes.

    Promising Review: "Love these pants! Fit really well, and are flattering. Not too tight around the waist, and do not stretch after wearing a few times." —katie67716

    Price: $35 (available in two colors and sizes XS-L)

    11. A camo-print pullover that's anything but under the radar.

    Price: $29 (available in sizes S-L)

    12. A garden of dark florals if you're more Guns N' Roses than fairy princess.

    Price: $39 (available in sizes S-XL)

    13. A reliable sweater as a no-brainer during rainy mornings.

    Price: $69 (available in two colors and sizes XS-L)

    14. Some sturdy rain boots for strictly dancing in puddles.

    Promising Review: "I was nervous because these are advertised as rain boots but these can be worn as everyday boots, as well. I've worn them in the rain and they have proven to keep my feet dry. Extremely durable and expensive-looking shoes." —breesochic

    Price: $55 (available in two colors and sizes 6-10)

    15. A romantic bralette because it's what's underneath the surface that counts.

    Price: $39 (available in three colors and sizes S-L)

    16. A bit of bright colorblocking in case cute leggings are the only thing that can get you to the gym.

    Price: $39 (available in two colors and sizes S-L)

    17. A sophisticated suede skirt with bold stitching to take your wardrobe out west.

    Price: $50 (available in sizes XS-XL)

    18. Some distressed denim that says "I'm too cool to care," even if you really, really do.

    Price: $69 (available in sizes 24-34)

    19. A striped skirt so you can make your look interesting while still avoiding color.

    Price: $59 (available in sizes XS-XL)

    20. A flirty babydoll tank if you need an extra ~flare~ for your ensemble.

    Price: $34 (available in two colors and sizes XS-XL)

    21. A striking cold-shoulder top for a chic way to *shrug off* the work week.

    Price: $34 (available in three colors and sizes XS-XL)

    22. A simple jumpsuit that'll save you every rushed and panicked morning.

    Price: $69 (available in two colors and sizes XS-XL)

    23. A distinct sweater so you can stand out from the sea of gray knits.

    Price: $69 (available in two colors and sizes XS-L)

    24. Some satin slip-ons because practicality doesn't have to cramp your style or your toes.

    Price: $30 (available in two colors and sizes 6-10)

    25. A timeless tribute to Selena with no explanation needed.

    Price: $39 (available in sizes S-L)

    26. A modern mesh tank for probably every single Saturday night.

    Price: $29 (available in two colors and sizes XS-L)

    27. A velvet mini that people will definitely want to feel, but don't let them because that is creepy.

    Price: $49 (available in two colors and sizes XS-XL)

    Who's starting a GoFundMe to buy every single thing?

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