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    Tarte Is Practically Giving Away Their Makeup And You're Losing Money The Longer You Wait

    Today: 18% off almost EVERYTHING!!!! Commence panic mode.

    Obviously we all already know that Tarte is *the place* to score your vegan-friendly, cruelty-free beauty goodies. But this whole week, Tarte is having a Birthday Week sale with new exciting deals EVERY DAY!

    THIS IS BETTER THAN MY ACTUAL BIRTHDAY, AM I RIGHT? Yours truly will be updating this post every darn day to let you in on the daily deals! **Cue "We're All In This Together."**

    Today's deal: 18% off almost EVERYTHING! Plus free shipping!!!!

    Just enter promo code BDAY at checkout! Because this deal expires TONIGHT, I went ahead and broke my favorites down for ya:


    A cult-favorite full-coverage foundation so you can put your skin first. It controls excess oil, provides a matte finish, and most importantly actually lets your skin *breathe*. AND it promises to never crease or fade. Don't worry: almost 4,215 people already LOVE it.

    Need proof? Just LOOK at that coverage:

    A limited-edition eye and cheek palette, because these are so creamy and pigmented you'll spend your whole morning admiring this — and then yourself. Are you glowing from happiness or these mesmerizing shades? Probably both.

    A double-ended liquid eyeliner trio that'll make achieving the perfect cat eye totally doable — dare I say easy. On one end, they boast a creamy self-sharpening pencil and on the other longwearing liquid eyeliners. Makeup is ~twice as nice~ when you can actually do it!

    A three-in-one tinted brow gel for informing your brows that they will indeed become sisters today, if not at least cousins. Its ultra-precise brush gives your arches shape, tames hairs, and provides subtle shading!

    A lengthening mascara so you can give your lashes a lift no matter their length. Its 360° wand curls and separates every lash individually to create a natural-looking, voluminous finish. PLUS ingredients like provitamin B5 and rice bran soften and nourish your lashes to make sure you get it all: lengthening, volumizing, *and* conditioning.

    A setting powder brush, because a) just LOOK HOW FLUFFY and b) its loosely-packed bristles promise a effortlessly perfect application each and every time. Honestly mornings can't get better than with this.

    An easy-to-use clay palette with 12 mesmerizing shades (both matte and shimmering) that are literally arranged in a particular order to make creating your daily looks a no-brainer.

    A moisturizing lipstick for a go-to that'll *kiss up* to all your needs. Not only is this rich in antioxidants and marine plant extracts to deliver intense all-day hydration (and seamlessly melt into skin), but it'll last a whole ~12 hours~ without drying or flaking.

    A vegan cleansing gel, because with literally just this you can control excess oil, treat breakouts, and — drumroll please — remove waterproof makeup. Your skin will be softer than the pillow it can rest on a whole lot faster now. We are truly blessed.

    A wildly popular vegan gel moisturizer with *cooling features* that'll show dry, irritated skin the door. Its antioxidant-rich formula of marine plant extracts give a whole new meaning to glow up, aka you're about to live your best #nofilter life.

    A best-selling hydrating foundation so you can *flake* on annoying dry patches. Its hypoallergenic formula adds a boost of skin-smoothing, oil-free hydration to parched complexions (not to mention refine pores!). AND it's super buildable so full-coverage is achieved in an instant.

    A seriously-satisfying primer with blurring and filling technology to fade out pores, fine lines, and pimples — all while richly melting into your skin. Not only does this moisturize your complexion, but actually firms and *improves* your skin over time.

    Don't forget to apply promo code BDAY at checkout!!! And be sure to check out the rest of their amazing selection!

    When people try to tell you you're "spending too much" this week....UMM we're SAVING money thank you.

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