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    27 Stylish Pairs Of Leggings For Anyone Who Refuses To Wear Pants


    1. High-waisted yoga leggings with hidden pockets so you can add a pop of color to all your winter go-tos without straying far from comfort.

    2. Ripped cotton leggings that'll give the same edgy effect as wearing destroyed jeans — just a lot less of you feeling ~distressed~.

    3. Corduroy high-waisted leggings, because nobody — I mean NOBODY — can argue how fashionable these'll look. All without restrictive jeans! Spread the truth.

    4. Velvet leggings for making you and everyone else believe in miracles when you show them how to wear leggings AND look incredibly fancy. I'll pass the tissues.

    5. Faux leather leggings so you can compromise with your friends when they demand you go out. Now you'll still feel like you're in pajamas (and can obviously still leave early).

    6. Solid cotton leggings that'll make it virtually impossible not to match these with something every day. These are your home now.

    7. High-waisted patterned yoga leggings, because people will notice a pattern of you being in a fantastic mood every day. Hint: it has nothing to do with actual exercise.

    8. Mesh cutout leggings for possibly going to the gym (they *do* have moisture-wicking technology), but mainly posting Instagrams that strongly imply you did. I'll never tell.

    9. Sequined faux leather leggings so you can ~shine~ in comfort the whole night — you may even keep these on come late-night pizza time.

    10. Velvet ruffled leggings that'll make you exclaim "Mamma mia, here I go again!" when you put them on for the sixth day in a row.

    11. Bandage mesh leggings, because it's scientifically impossible to look boring in these. Trust me, I took high school chemistry.

    12. Thermal fleece-lined leggings for protecting yourself against bitter winter weather all season. What else would we do? Wear jeans? Get real.

    13. Moto leggings so you fool everyone into thinking you're wearing dressier pants. Little do they know.

    14. High-waisted leggings with mesh pockets that'll come in handy the one time you decide to work out, but they'll be even better when on your couch. AND when you eventually leave the house.

    15. Sweater leggings, because these'll basically feel like a giant hug. I imagine they're congratulating you for making the smart decision.

    16. Thick, four-way stretch leggings for a real party staple. Why? Reviewers say these pockets fit a whole bottle of champagne. Talk about a good excuse to not dress up.

    17. Leopard print leggings so you look right on-trend when you feel ~wild~ enough to leave the house on a Saturday night. Eh, maybe next year.

    18. Spandex leggings in a slew of ~30~ designs that'll mean only one thing: cheaply stocking up to wear these bad boys until the end of time.

    19. Plaid leggings with trendy zippers, because it's hard to get into the holiday spirit when in jean prison. NOW we feel jolly.

    20. Cut-out spandex leggings for giving black jeans a run for their money. These also go with everything, but these still feel like pajamas. Win, win.

    21. Strappy ankle-detailed leggings so you can fashionably ~cross over~ into a world with no restrictive clothing.

    22. High-waisted dress pants — I mean leggings. Their comfy design is that subtle. Mazel tov.

    23. Adidas striped leggings, because these have already proven they'll never go out of style and neither will their appeal. Basically, you found you soulmate today.

    24. Floral and mesh leggings for never wilting no matter what the day throws at you. At least your style will remain flexible.

    25. Camo print leggings so your decision to avoid all pants is totally *overlooked*.

    26. Dressy work leggings with chic zippers and an elastic waistband that'll make you ~almost~ enjoy going to the office. Add a blanket to this and you're basically home.

    27. Metallic foiled leggings, because these belong in the future where pants have been outlawed. You're just ahead of your time.

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    This wouldn't have happened if Patrick was wearing leggings:

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