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    36 Super Simple Ways To Improve Your Skin Long-Term

    No, we're not going to tell you to just drink water and sleep more. We get it.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. First thing first: apply sun protection every 👏darn 👏 day 👏. And remember to *re*apply throughout the day, even when indoors! In case you didn't know, regularly wearing sunscreen helps you prevent discoloration, dark spots from sun damage, and an uneven skin tone. Luckily, La Roche Posay oil-free sunscreen is great for both oily *and* sensitive skin, a whopping SPF 60, and designed to prevent breakouts.


    Get it from Target for $19.99.

    To learn more important skincare basics, check out "Take BuzzFeed's 7-Day Better Skin Challenge".

    If you're *extra* worried about sunscreen disagreeing with your skin (or makeup), Tatcha SPF 35 sunscreen is your splurge-worthy pick. It doubles as a primer to blur pores and uneven skin tones and leaves your skin super soft thanks to Japanese wild rose and loquat leaf extract. Need proof for how well this bb works? Just see the difference below:

    Maitland Quitmeyer / BuzzFeed

    Its SPF 35 protection works for both UVA and UVB rays.

    Promising review: "I almost wish I hadn’t loved this just based on the price point, but it truly is so great. It has a fresh kind of minty smell and goes on very silky and matte. It leaves a look similar to regular primer, rather than an oily sunscreen. I use roughly a dime-sized amount over my regular moisturizer and it works perfectly. I've had no skin irritation that I’ve experienced thus far and I will definitely be purchasing another when this runs out." —callanbjornn

    Get it from Sephora for $65.

    To learn more about why a BuzzFeeder loves this, check out "If You're Looking For An Everyday Sunscreen, Here Are 11 Glowing Recommendations".

    2. Heal breakouts *without* picking and causing scarring by simply slapping on pimple patches. They're gentler than acne cream (aka no drying or flaking) and speed up recovery to practically overnight. Basically, using these helps you maintain ~skin best practices~ by keeping your fingers AWAY from pimples to ensure a clearer complexion without long-lasting scars.

    Maitland Quitmeyer / BuzzFeed

    They're also clear, so people wear them throughout the day!

    Promising review: "These pimple patches work miracles! I put them on overnight and they clear up my acne the next day. Definitely a must-have!" —Urban Outfitters Customer

    Get a pack of 24 patches from Urban Outfitters for $6.

    3. Determine your skin type before creating a routine for yourself so you can successfully target each skincare goal. Even if your face gets shiny midday, you might not have oily skin. Do you also get dry patches? You could actually have combo skin (good thing there's a facial cream just for you).

    The Klog

    Tony Moly The Chok Chok Green Tea Watery Cream ($24.50 on Soko Glam) is specifically designed to boost combo skin with a dose of antioxidants *and* create a thin hydrating layer, courtesy of a whopping *63%* of fermented green tea in its formula. Tl;dr: it'll deliver intense hydration without ever creating excess oils in areas like your T-zone.

    To learn more, check out The Klog for "How to Determine Your Skin Type".

    4. Look for an eye cream that'll brighten *and* reduce puffiness around your under-eyes so you can consistently minimize dark circles overtime. Origins' GinZing eye cream uses coffee beans and magnolia extract to always leave even tired under-eyes feeling firmer and refreshed.

    Sephora, Brittaney Trent / BuzzFeed

    Promising review: "I struggle with dark circles and I noticed after one use the difference. I have been using this product for two months now, and my dark circles have lightened so much. Both my mom and I love and use this product on the daily." —BrinKohli

    Get it from Sephora for $32.

    To learn more about why a BuzzFeeder swears by this, check out "8 Game-Changing Beauty Products We Actually Swear By".

    5. Combine apple cider vinegar with this wildly popular Aztec Secret clay mask if you have consistent cystic acne, aka the toughest of underground pimples. So. Many. People. swear by this for keeping cystic acne at bay so you can put an end to picking at them, which only causes long-term damage.


    Promising review: "I’ve been trying to treat my acne and oily skin for over a year and nothing seemed to be working. After everything from high-end to drugstore product, I figured this mask couldn’t hurt. I’ve been using the product for a month now and my acne has finally calmed down, and my acne scars have rapidly faded! It is extremely drying, so I tend to use a very thick moisturizer after; but my skin is actually thriving." —Target Customer

    Get them from Target: the Aztec clay mask for $7.99 and apple cider vinegar for $2.99.

    To learn more, check out "This Clay Mask Basically Vacuums Out Your Pores, And BRB I'm Going To Bathe In It".

    6. Study up on beauty ingredient definitions so you can have a better time building a routine that you want to stick with (and see overall results) once you can fully understand ingredient lists — and when you recognize formulas that *won't* work for you.

    The Klog

    Basically once you know and remember certain ingredients, you'll have an easier time assigning products to certain skincare goals. For example, BHAs (Beta Hydroxy Acids) are great for clearing blackheads and minimizing large pores — so this Hanskin Pore Cleansing Oil ($25 on Soko Glam) with a BHA formula is something you can use daily.

    To learn more, check out The Klog for "The ABCs of Skin Care Ingredients: A Complete Glossary".

    7. Try retinol, a fancy name for vitamin A, to balance your complexion, stimulate collagen, and fade hyper-pigmentation. There's a reason so many derms recommend this — incorporating a topical retinol into your routine has a lot of long-lasting benefits, including fewer breakouts and brighter skin.


    Promising review: "I'm using this to help clear out my pores and treat acne. It was my first time using a retinol so I found out quickly that I needed to ease it in slowly to my routine. after a few weeks of using it twice a week, I started using it daily my mixing it with my moisturizer. I've definitely noticed a rapid turnover with acne. Now it is much easier to manage my acne! I'm glad I found this product!" —Brittanyml

    Get it from Sephora for $9.99.

    8. Keep in mind it'll take some time to see results from retinol, which is why it's so important to *keep* using it (the above is gentle enough for daily use). The stronger the formula, the more likely you'll see some initial redness and flaking so be sure to use a gentle moisturizer after using it. The overall payoff: clearer and smoother skin.

    Wander Beauty

    Pond's Dry Skin Cream ($4.99 on Target) is perfect for anyone adjusting to retinol. Its rich, creamy formula is designed with dry and sensitive skin in mind. It'll easily be absorbed in the skin, help you lock in moisture, and *keep* your skin hydrated.

    To learn more, check out Wander Beauty for "Here's Everything You Need To Know About Retinol".

    9. Incorporate glycolic resurfacing pads into your routine two to three times per week to keep dead skin cells from building up (aka what can cause dull complexions). If you're familiar with professional peels, these are a gentler, much more affordable version you can maintain at home. Plus! They're great for reducing active breakouts *and* preventing future breakouts.

    Get a pack of 15 pads from Target for $21.99.

    10. Plan out your routine by product — there's a proper order for everything (your face can tell, even if you can't). For example, applying toner *after* your face wash but *before* moisturizing is the only way your complexion can benefit from that step. It doesn't matter HOW long you use it — if it's in the wrong order, you'll never see proper results.


    This set of Pixi toning pads ($18 on Birchbox) has almost 3,000 positive reviews for their ability to leave your skin ~glowing~ thanks to 5% glycolic acid. All you need to do is flick your wrist to brighten skin and remove dead skin cells.

    Check out more from Birchbox for "In What Order Do I Apply My Skin Care Products?".

    11. Brighten your complexion on a regular basis, even if you're too lazy for extra steps (understandable). Using this Acure brightening facial scrub alone helps with your skin's ~turnover cycle~, aka what'll clear away dead skin cells and treat clogged pores so your skin is consistently clear and glowing.

    Get it from Target for $9.99.

    12. Discover the benefits of your three basic acid groups: alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), beta hydroxy acid (BHA), and polyhydroxy acid (PHA). Glossier Solution uses all three to clear dead skin cells and leave your complexion soft and glowing. Reviewers with acne-prone skin l-o-v-e this for fading scars and successfully maintaining clearer skin.


    Promising review: "In my thirties I started to get hormonal cystic acne. I have been on everything under the sun that dermatologists can prescribe. My acne got under control with spiralactone and prescription topicals in my forties, but I was able to get off all of those with Glossier Solution. I have not had a breakout in over a year! I haven't even needed to see my dermatologist for acne. Thank you, Glossier!" —Thankful

    Get it from Glossier for $24.

    To learn more about this, check out "Here's Why The Mega-Popular Glossier Solution Is Totally Worth Your Money".

    Want to study up more on acids? Here's a full breakdown:

    American Academy of Dermatology

    To get more helpful charts and tips, check out "16 Skincare Cheat Sheets That Are Actually Useful".

    13. Treat blackheads consistently without picking and scarring your nose by leaving it all to some Bioré cleansing pore strips. They'll basically act as a magnet to efficiently draw out dirt, oil, and blackheads both from your nose and your forehead (or really anywhere). This regular routine > picking and prodding.


    Promising review: "So my nose is totally clear, but my chin gets little bumps all over from majorly clogged pores. I followed the directions but placed it on my chin instead of over my nose. Wow! It pulled out so much gunk and left my chin feeling clean and smooth. I will definitely keep doing that!" —Target Customer

    Get a box of six strips from Target for $5.99.

    14. Be patient when it comes to skincare products — some are going to take time to work (like salicylic acne face washes), and that's OK! But there are other times when it's just not doing the trick, and it's important to know the difference. For example, Dr. Jart's ceramide cream only needs a few minutes to ~sink in~.


    Promising review (for Dr. Jart+ cream): "This is exactly what my skin needed for the ultra-dry Wisconsin winter. My face was so dry, and my regular moisturizer wasn’t cutting it. I tried this and bam — no more cracking, dry skin. It plumped back up." —Bethann

    Get them from Birchbox: the Murad salicylic acid face wash for $30 and the Dr. Jart+ ceramide cream for $48.

    Check out more from Birchbox for "How Long Skincare Really Takes To Work".

    15. Swap out your spot treatment for some gentler tea tree oil if traditional acne creams feel too harsh (aka your skin is always left red and flaking). It's just as effective at reducing pimples, but won't leave any irritation for you to deal with. And! You can use it on your entire face to calm redness, minimize excess oil, and gently hydrate. Basically you'll want to keep this on hand all the time if you have sensitive skin.


    Promising review: "What the heck is in this stuff? I love it! It helps moisturize my skin, reduces redness and keeps pimples at bay. I love it! My bottle has lasted me months and I'm not even halfway through. I apply one to two drops on my fingertips and gently pat it all over my face. For someone who is sensitive, acne-prone, and oily, this does wonders for my skin. It's so worth the investment if you're looking for a good oil." —Vyv23

    Get it from Sephora for $49.

    16. Don't get mad at me — but you can't pop your zits. I KNOW. So satisfying. But it leaves scars that last for weeks! Instead, gently bring out the whitehead by holding down a warm washcloth while bingeing Netflix. In a few minutes you'll be able to slide the whitehead off with the cloth. Say a final farewell to scabbing.

    The Beauty Department

    If it doesn't work the first time, just repeat holding down the warm washcloth a few more times. As long as it's not a cystic pimple, this will work! Pro tip: use an extra-gentle washcloth to prevent further irritating the inflamed pimple, like these baby washcloths ($6.99 for a set of six on Target).

    Check out even more from The Beauty Department for "The Only Way To Pop: Blemish Magic Trick".

    17. Hydrate your skin with some Shea Moisture coconut oil to counteract shiny complexions. It may seem weird to treat excess oil with *more* oil, but your skin actually just needs the RIGHT kind of moisturizer. This'll help restore the balance your skin is missing.

    Shea Moisture

    Promising review: "I love this stuff! It's super moisturizing and really helps combat dry skin, especially in the winter. It smells great and the container lasts me quite awhile." —Target Customer

    Get it from Target for $13.89.

    18. Pick your toner based on your skin type — it's not a one-fits-all situation! For example, Kiehl's calendula herbal extract toner treats oily complexions ~head on~ by balancing your pH levels and providing the level of hydration your skin needs. But! Mario Badescu's glycolic acid toner works wonders for dry skin by soothing irritated complexions with its mild formula., BuzzFeed Reviews

    Promising review (for the Mario Badescu toner): "I have major scarring left over from persistent acne years ago. This stuff really helps my skin to look great. Originally, I bought this because it helps resurface the skin and that's exactly what I need. It does have a strong scent, but it doesn't bother me at all." —Josiejinxx

    Get them from Sephora: the Kiehl's calendula toner (left) for $23+ (available in three sizes) and the Mario Badescu glycolic acid (right) for $18.

    To learn why the Mario Badescu glycolic acid toner won our budget pick for best toners, check out "The Best Face Toners Will Leave Your Skin Hydrated And Happy."

    19. Or! Incorporate the ever so popular Thayers witch hazel into your routine to brighten and even your skin tone by regularly removing dead skin cells. It's alcohol-free so it's gentle enough for all skin types to use every night, as long as you moisturize, and is an easy way to maintain clear and ~glowing~ skin.

    AnaMaria Glavan / BuzzFeed

    Promising review: "This toner has helped me clear my skin. I’ve always had acne and would use different things and just made it worse, but when I started using this my skin got so clear and I barely break out now." —Target Customer

    Get it from Target for $10.99.

    To learn more about why a BuzzFeeder recommends this, check out "This Highly Rated Witch Hazel Toner Is The Best Skin Care Product Under $10".

    20. Know how to identify types of acne — different kinds each need their own treatment. Whether yours is more of a whitehead (which needs salicylic acid) or the hormonal type (usually a cyst which needs sulfur-based products), the first step to treating acne — and keeping them away — is knowing what the heck they are.


    Need suggestions? We've got you ~covered~:

    Salicylic-acid-based products are best for inflammatory and comedonal acne (aka whiteheads, blackheads, and red bumps). Murad Clarifying Cleanser ($32 on Birchbox) makes fighting breakouts its number one mission. It removes dirt and oil, then *continues* to treat acne for hours after you've rinsed it off.

    Zinc-and-sulfur-based products work well for treating cystic or nodule acne (aka deep infections that don't come to a head). Kate Somerville Acne Treatment ($26 on Birchbox) works overnight to help minimize pimples and calm oily skin — both factors that those of us with hormonal acne are all too familiar with.

    To learn more, check out Birchbox for "Your Guide To Different Types Of Acne".

    21. Let an overnight mask do all the work for you if you don't always want to do multiple skincare steps. This one's formula of avocado butter and hyaluronic acid keeps your skin soft and hydrated for ~72~ hours. Tl;dr: you can still have lazy nights and keep your skin happy.


    Promising review: "YOU NEED THIS IS YOUR LIFE! The scent is not too strong but lovely, it leaves my skin supple and moisturized! I started using it when I began Accutane to moisturize my extremely dry skin and I never stopped. It’s too good to me!" —Lindy99

    Get it from Sephora for $26.

    22. Adjust your routine to the season — your skin needs it! When summer and spring approaches, regularly cleanse with an exfoliating face wash (there's more sweat in your life, sorry). As colder weather hits, moisturize, moisturize, and moisturize by using a hydrating serum *before* your face cream.


    Promising review (for the face wash): "I am in LOVE with this cleanser. This cleanser had made such a positive impact on my facial acne! I use to get bad flare ups, especially around my cycle, but after using this for several weeks, I barely get any breakouts. I don't find this harsh or drying at all on the skin. HIGHLY recommend!" —dancer25

    Get them from Sephora: the exfoliating face wash for $24 and the maracuja oil for $48.

    23. Know the difference between if your skin is *dry* or *dehydrated* so you always know what kind of treatment your skin actually needs. If your skin is flaky, red, and sensitive, you have dry skin (which you can treat with skin-soothing creams). If your skin is more on the dull side, it's most likely dehydrated (which you can help by layering moisturizing products).

    Glow Recipe

    Need a recommendation for dry skin? Glow Recipe's banana soufflé cream ($39 on Glow Recipe) is rich in magnesium and potassium, which helps to restore water depletion. Plus, its formula contains centella asiatica (aka cica), which can treat dry, irritated, and sensitive skin, AND tumeric to soothe and calm uneven skin tones.

    Want layering options? Start with Glow Recipe's watermelon moisturizer ($39 on Glow Recipe) that can double as a serum. Its combo of watermelon extract, hyaluronic acid, and jasmine and peony extract works together to both hydrate and brighten. Then! Apply their banana soufflé cream ($39 on Glow Recipe) for a thick layer of soothing moisture to fully calm irritated skin.

    To learn more, check out The Glow Edit for "What’s the Difference Between Dryness and Dehydration?"

    An easy dry vs. dehydrated test: pull at the back of your hand. If it bounces back right away, your skin is hydrated. If it takes a few seconds to settle back, your skin is probably dehydrated!

    Glow Recipe

    24. Research how certain ingredients can help with specific skin goals before building a new routine. For example, this Dr. Jart+ color-correcting cream is a holy grail moisturizer for people with redness and dryness. Why? Its main ingredient, Centella Asiatica, is especially great at reducing redness and healing sensitive skin.

    Elizabeth Lilly / BuzzFeed

    Here's what a BuzzFeeder who swears by this has to say: "I use it daily as a moisturizer under my foundation and some reviewers even use it as a CC cream. It's *that* good. And it has SPF 30! To demonstrate just how well it works, I put it on half of my face in the pic (above) on the left. Seriously, the color cancelling prowess is impressive. Also it took me nearly a year to go through the full-size jar. So if the price has you feeling iffy, you can try out a travel version. Seriously, I'm forever indebted to this stuff."

    Get it from Sephora for $18+ (available in two sizes).

    Check out this BuzzFeeder's full review in "13 Skincare Products From Sephora That We Truly Love".

    25. Stop going to bed with makeup on! It's a *super* avoidable cause for breakouts. Use a makeup-removing cloth as a lazy solution for getting every last drop of foundation and mascara off before hitting the sheets. All you need is this and water to remove a ~full face~!

    BuzzFeed Reviews

    Promising review: "I was skeptical that this would work, but it removes more makeup than any wipe I've tried (I've tried many!) and more than any balm too. I'm really impressed and it is much more environmentally friendly than wipes and balms in plastic pots." —Hierochloe

    Get it from Sephora for $20 (available in two colors).

    Check out why this won our mid-price pick for best makeup remover in "The Best Makeup Removers That Leave Your Face Clean And Fresh".

    26. Take little (and very manageable, I promise) steps to improve your overall skincare routine. It doesn't have to take over your life obviously, but even small changes will make a big difference for your overall clarity. An easy start: keeping pre-moistened wipes around to clean your phone screen — you'd be surprised how much bacteria is touching your face 🙃.


    Get a pack of 25 Windex wipes from Target for $3.59.

    To get your new routine down pat, check out "Take BuzzFeed's 7-Day Better Skin Challenge" for easy changes that are all under 10 minutes!

    27. Treat breakouts ALLLL over (hello, surprise butt pimple) whenever they pop up with a bar of Shea Moisture African black soap. Its combo of shea butter, vitamin E, and coconut oil work together to quickly wash those unwelcome zits down the drain so you never have to dread their visits.

    Promising review: "I’ve tried everything for my back and neck acne nothing was really working until now. This soap is great for that! I have only been using it for a week and I can already tell the difference. I have to be careful with my face though this soap is drying so I only use it at nighttime and focus on the nose and chin area, back of the neck, and my back!" —Target Customer

    Get it from Target for $3.99.

    28. Learn the ever-popular Korean skincare routine to address e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g from healing tough breakouts (hello, clarifying toner) to brightening skin (and bonjour, illuminating sheet mask). It may seem like a lot of steps, but each one brings longterm *results* that just face wash + moisturizer simply do not.

    Zoë Burnett / BuzzFeed

    Too many steps? You can simplify it to just a few products and still benefit from this! Let's break it down to an easier routine:

    1. SkinFood Rice Brightening Cleansing Tissue ($12 on Soko Glam): streamlines makeup-removal to a few quick swipes. Each sheet is infused with nourishing rice bran water, vitamins, and minerals to not only leave your face free from makeup, but also brighter and refreshed.

    2. Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner ($22 on Soko Glam): acts as step two — your toner. Its vegan formula removes excess dirt and sebum, restores your pH balance, *and* deeply moisturizes thanks to amino acids. Basically this'll make sure your skin is super clean and hydrated.

    3. NeoGen Real Ferment Micro Serum ($38 on Soko Glam): gives your skin a major boost in nutrients and antioxidants. Its powerful, gel-like formula of betula alba juice and other fermented ingredients is designed to melt into your skin for major elasticity and brightness.

    4. Sheet Masks ($2.50+ on Soko Glam): a relaxing yet effective fourth step (that you can do as frequently/infrequently as you want). Every sheet mask from Soko Glam's collection serves a specific purpose. Looking to clear clogged pores and breakouts? This snail mucin and tea tree leaf oil mask is specifically designed to treat acne-prone complexions. Want to brighten your complexion? This bio-cellulose sheet mask made out of coconut gel will help ~illuminate~ your skin. Thirsty for hydrated skin? This Klairs ceramides sheet mask helps to strengthen your skin barrier while aloe vera and centella asiatica extract soothe dry, irritated skin.

    5. Benton Fermentation Eye Cream ($27 on Soko Glam): is a quick fifth step (you're almost done!). It comes ingredients like ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and aloe to deeply hydrate your under-eye area, as well as plump and smooth. Do this step as part of your nightly routine!

    6. A'Pieu Glycolic Acid Cream ($17 on Soko Glam): combines AHAs and BHAs (acids that naturally moisturize and speed up dead skin cell–turnover) to kick dullness and breakouts to the curb — then *keeps* it that way. And! It uses birch juice to deeply hydrate and create a moisture barrier for your complexion.

    7. Suntique I'm Safe For Sensitive Skin ($24 on Soko Glam): is an IMPORTANT last step for your daytime routine! Not only does it act as a physical blocker to harmful UV rays, but is designed with super sensitive skin in mind to prevent breakouts. Its soothing ingredients, centella asiatica and aloe leaf extracts help moisturize and calm irritated complexions — all without leaving behind a white cast.

    To learn more about the full routine, check out "I Tried A Korean Skin Care Routine For A Month And This Is What Happened".

    29. Find a moisturizer that balances hydration *and* gentleness if you have dry skin and struggle to find something that doesn't break you out. This Belif moisturizer is loved by many with dry but sensitive skin for delivering long-lasting hydration without feeling heavy or greasy.

    Kayla Suazo / BuzzFeed, Rachel Dunkel / BuzzFeed

    Promising review: "Love, love, love!! My skin is so dry and I’ve been having a hard time finding a moisturizer that works for me and this one is incredible! I have really sensitive skin and a lot of creams make me break out but not this one! I love how well it moisturizes without feeling thick on my skin!" —kendallvo

    Get it from Sephora for $38.

    To learn why not one but *two* BuzzFeeders love this, check out "13 Skincare Products From Sephora That We Truly Love".

    30. Understand that not every mask is for you. In fact, most are designed with a very specific skin type in mind (i.e. dry, acne-prone, etc.). Take our quiz to match your concerns and complexion with the best mask for you so you always know what kind of ingredients will have the best effects.


    Take this "Tell Us Your Skin Problems And We'll Recommend A Face Mask" quiz to find your match!

    31. Protect your skin from everyday irritants that always find their way into your pores (ESPECIALLY if you live in a city). This Dr. Roebuck's anti-pollution serum will act like a shield for your face — it's loaded with blueberry extract, amino acids, ginseng, and vitamins A, C, and E to prevent environmental aggressors from dulling your complexion.

    Sephora, Emma McAnaw / BuzzFeed

    If you wash your face and notice how much DIRT and GRIME is there after a full day of city air exposure, you understand why this is so important. You can wear it as a layer *after* moisturizing and *before* makeup!

    Promising review: "This is AMAZING. I don’t want to think of a time when I didn’t use this. I’ve had it in my AM skincare routine for the past few weeks and my skin feels amazing." —shiibabyyy

    Get it from Sephora for $60.

    This is pricey, but I definitely think it's worth it! Read my full review on why in "7 Life-Changing Beauty Products That Are Worth Every Damn Penny".

    32. Research how you can benefit from facial oils — each one helps you achieve different goals, like brightening, clearing, or hydrating. They're a super easy step (before moisturizing) to target things that more general skincare products cannot — and chances are, if common things like benzoyl peroxide don't work for you, there's an oil that'll do the trick.

    Loryn Brantz / BuzzFeed

    Glossier has two popular serums that you can buy either as a group or separately. Know what each one does!

    Super Bounce ($28 on Glossier) comes to the rescue for dry skin. It plumps up skin with hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5 that soaks into your complexion to help you *bounce back* with elasticity and softness.

    Super Glow ($28 on Glossier) brightens your skin and gives your face energy even when you personally have zilch. Loaded with vitamin C and magnesium, turn to this when your skin looks a little sallow from lack of sleep (yes, I spent all night scrolling through TikTok again OKAY). This evens your skin tone and is super fast-absorbing, thanks to its super light, water-like texture.

    Get the two-pack from Glossier for $45 (originally $56).

    33. Use an overnight lip mask regularly so even usually chapped lips can *stay* flake-free and nourished. This one uses natural ceramides to soothe, restore your lips' natural moisture barrier, and ensure long-lasting hydration., Target

    Get it from Target for $8.99.

    34. Understand whether your skin is breaking out or "purging" when trying new products. It's important to know if you should stop using something, or if you should wait it out so that your skin actually improves long-term (this is especially true with acne solutions). Purging is usually in the form of small, red, tender bumps on the skin, so if you have cystic bumps, it's probably a regular breakout.

    Glow Recipe

    Purging means a product is causing accelerated skin cell turnover, which can bring up dormant pimples that were underneath your skin surface and lead to breakouts that last a few weeks. If your skin is purging, stick to using the product for a few weeks to let your skin adjust (unless your skin is irritated, like rashes and hives). Keep the rest of your routine as normal — you only want to introduce *one* new product at a time, otherwise your skin will be overwhelmed and truly breakout.

    To learn more, check out The Glow Edit for "How To Tell The Difference Between Skin Purging and A Breakout".

    35. Opt for a fragrance-free cleanser if you have sensitive skin as an easy way to avoid irritation and keep your complexion calm and clear. This one is specifically designed to avoid stripping your skin and reduce flare-ups — it uses aloe to soothe finicky skin, as well as glycerin to hydrate and smooth your complexion.


    Promising review: "I’ve been using this cleanser for five years now and I absolutely love it. I tend to be the type of person who likes to change up my skin routine with the season however, this stays in the rotation. It does a fantastic job of cleansing but not stripping my skin. I’m also really surprised by how well it removes my makeup. If you’re on the fence, just do it." —MrsBeeGee

    Get it from Sephora for $21.

    36. Stick to a skincare routine for both morning *and* night — your skin l o v e s consistency so you should try to use the same products, with a couple exceptions. The biggest difference for morning and night routines: you need sunscreen in the morning, while your skin could probably use a replenishing mask come evening.


    EltaMD SPF 46 Moisturizing Facial Sunscreen ($35 on SkinStore) has probably already been recommended to you by your derm, and for good reason. Not only does it protect you without clogging pores, but its niacin and hyaluronic acid actually promote healthier-looking skin. AND it can easily be worn under makeup. Finally remembering sunscreen feels rewarding.

    First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Instant Oatmeal Mask ($24 on SkinStore) needs only 10 minutes to rehydrate and soothe tired, dry skin. Its formula of oatmeal and oat bran, as well as a blend of antioxidants help repair and nourish irritated complexions so you're left saying "ahhhhh" every time you apply this.

    To learn more, check out SkinStore for "How to Build a Skin Care Routine: The Ultimate Guide".

    Acne watching us learn all these tips like:


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