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    Satisfyer Is Having An Up-To 40% Off Sale On Amazon So The Weekend Just Got A Little More Exciting

    30% off *the* famous Satisfyer Pro 2 just cannot be passed up.

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    Friends, this is a *very* good morning because Satisfyer is having an up-to 40% off sale on some of everyone's favorite sex toys — and you can get them right on Amazon! Two-day shipping for this is very important, if you ask me.

    This sale only lasts until Monday, so let's not waste time!

    Not everything is on sale, so here are ~the best of the best~ that *are* included:

    1. 30% off *the* Satisfyer Pro 2 for testing out how thick your apartment walls really are. Its wildly popular design acts as a ~sensual vacuum~ by delivering waves and pulsations nonstop — someone get us to the church on time, because we are MARRYING this crowd pleaser.

    The vibrator with a long handle and air-blowing design

    2. 33% off an equally famous Satisfyer Penguin Air-Pulse Clitoris Stimulator that'll help beginners feel totally in control while exploring. It may be small (and cute???), but it is MIGHTY. Prepare to welcome your clitoris to a whole new world of pleasure — sorry, fingers.

    3. 40% off a genuine leather vibrator so you can make every night "endless orgasms, but make it luxury". Its tip is made of medical-grade liquid silicone that'll greet your most sensitive areas with pure opulence — do you deserve anything less? Your other toys are in danger once you become acquainted with this fancy bb.

    The smooth leather vibrators with metallic buttons

    4. 20% off a multi-use couples vibrator, because this'll quickly become your favorite toy that certainly won't ever be able to ~come between you~. In fact, thanks to its ability to deliver vibrations to both the clit and G-spot during penetration, this bb will ALWAYS be invited to join. Did I mention its impressive 100 vibration combinations?

    Two U-shaped vibrators with opening for G-spot or clitoral stimulation

    5. 20% off a finger-sized vibrator that'll feel totally intuitive while ~under the sheets~. It may be small, but it is EFFECTIVE thanks to its five speeds, 10 vibration styles, and straight shaft with a rounded tip that greets you with precise, stimulation. You're officially a believer in small packages.

    6. 20% off a powerful massager so you can realize within 60 seconds flat just why this is worth every penny. It has ~50~ vibration combinations, 10 vibration styles, and five intensities to keep you MORE than satisfied all night long.

    The personal wand massager in purple, black, and white

    Don't forget — you only have until Monday to score select Satisfyer toys for a pretty darn good price! Happy shopping, indeed.

    Me reading the *very* promising review for the Satisfyer Penguin Air-Pulse Clitoris Stimulator like...

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