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    29 Things For People Who'd Rather Cancel Their Flight Than Check A Bag

    Pack everything and STILL pass the dreaded ~size check~.

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    1. An on-the-go Gillette razor that'll minimize space you need for toiletries, but still ensure you have moisturized, smooth legs wherever your travels take you. It'll no longer be a close shave when they test the size of your bag.

    2. A pack of Tide sink packets so you can hand-wash clothes at your hotel, hostel, Airbnb, WHEREVER. If the place has a sink, you're free to minimize the amount you pack and wash 'em mid-trip.

    3. A pair of elastic band sneakers for not only wearing when going through TSA (you can take these bbs off très vite), but you'll actually want to wear them the whole trip. Aka you don't need to give up precious space for more shoes.

    4. A compact travel adaptor, because this is obviously VERY necessary (coming from someone who has melted a *few* hair straighteners) but we only have so much space in our bag! I give you: a ~mini solution~.

    5. A Dagne Dover carryall duffle bag that'll a) keep you organized thanks to its many, many pockets, b) fit a surprising amount for its compact size, and c) absolutely pass even Spirit's bag test.

    6. Or! A compression carry-on backpack designed like a suitcase so you can fit a glorious amount of clothing in this *without* the charge. It fits in overhead bins and has pockets and compartments galore to keep everything in its proper place. I do believe this calls for some in-flight wine.

    7. A clear TSA-approved toiletry bag for preventing any, er, hiccups whenever going through security. There's nothing worse than holding up the whole line because all your liquids need to be checked β€” avoid this terrible start to your journey.

    8. A set of compression bags, because we are SERIOUS about never checking our suitcase!!! These'll actually allow you to pack πŸ™Œ even more πŸ™Œ as long as you don't add too much weight. But you'll definitely have plenty of room!

    9. A multipurpose passport-holding wallet with RFID-blocking technology that'll keep everything in one place when you're juggling your belongings at the airport. Carry-ons mean saving money, but also lots to, well, carry. This'll keep the crucial items (like your boarding pass) nicely together.

    10. A set of silicone travel bottles so you can still bring all of your favorite hair products without worrying about the wrath of TSA β€” or of hotel-brand conditioners.

    11. A thin crossbody bag perfect for successfully fitting a trendy going-out or day purse without having to smoosh your tops. It's great for carrying the essentials, like your wallet, passport, and cellphone.

    12. A makeup-removing cloth, because this'll ensure you go to bed fresh-faced every night while away β€” no extra products required. This + a bit of water = happy, clean face on the hotel pillow.

    13. A travel-sized bottle of Poo-Pouri that'll help ease your concerns if the bathroom situation won't exactly be private. It's TSA-approved, will take up minimal space, and will certainly come in handy when you don't want to leave a trace for the next person.

    14. A mini two-in-one hair tool so you can straighten AND curl your hair while away. Whoever said using a carry-on meant sacrificing good hair days has clearly never used this.

    15. A shirt-and-tie case for keeping your tops nice and crisp while trying to fit oneee more outfit into your bag. This'll streamline space and prevent your nice clothes from getting squashed while in transit. Destination wedding, here we come.

    16. A wheeled carry-on bag, because this is designed to fit under your seat β€” is that the song of angels I hear? Stylish, compact, AND full of organizer compartments?! This is almost more exciting than vacation.

    17. A collapsible silicone water bottle that'll fit nicely in even over-stuffed bags thanks to its ability to get teeny-tiny. The best part? You'll never have to buy for overpriced airport water again.

    18. A collection of compression packing cubes so you can squeeze e v e r y t h i n g into your carry-on. They'll flatten your optimistic pile of clothes so you *don't* have to sacrifice your new sundress in favor of heels.

    19. A folding toothbrush for leaving your regular one safely at home and creating more space in your toiletry kit. Every πŸ‘ last πŸ‘ inch πŸ‘ counts.

    20. A pair of cushioned ballet flats, because these won't take up any space in your suitcase, will keep your feet happy when you need to walk around all day, and will ensure all your outfits look stylish. Meaning if you pack only these shoes, you're good for the whole trip.

    21. A Kindle Paperwhite that'll let you pack as many beach reads as you'd like, minus the bulkiness of books. It's SUPER thin and lightweight, plus its screen dimmer allows you to read on dark planes without disturbing your seatmate.

    22. A lightweight, waterproof raincoat with a compact carrier bag so you can prepare for inclement weather and still have room for more cheerful apparel.

    23. A pair of compression socks for keeping your feet from swelling during even long, long flights. They're stylish enough to wear with your travel outfit, so you don't need to cram 'em into your bag to take out last-minute.

    24. An infinity scarf with a subtle zipper compartment, because we need all the secret room we can get. Reviewers keep their phone, keys, passport, even wallet in this! Anything to make our bag a little less bulky...

    25. A cosmetic travel bag that'll give you not one, but TWO layers of organizing pockets so you can easily squeeze in every single (TSA-approved) beauty product in your medicine cabinet. AND you can pack jewelry in this, too!

    26. A faux suede belt bag so you can toss in a few extra belongings and technically, TECHNICALLY, not have an extra purse. I'm not saying we're bending the rules with this sure looks like part of your outfit πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ.

    27. A mini steamer for undoing all the pushing and cramming you did when managing to pack an extra three dresses into very limited space. Plus, it's small enough to fit in your bag without making you sacrifice your precious pullover.

    28. An inflatable neck travel pillow, because comfort is always key (especially on international flights)! This comes in a tiny carrying case so you can keep it in your carry-on with lots of room to spare.

    29. A packing list that'll force you to get organized and PRIORITIZE what you'll need. I know it's tempting to spend all night trying approximately one million ways to fit everything into a duffle, but it's just not worth it. Plan ahead.

    Safe journeys, my fellow carry-on aficionados!

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