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    33 Products On Amazon Our Readers Are Loving Right Now

    An unbelievably cute dog toy, mushroom lights, and 31 other favorite products from our recent posts.

    1. A stunning embroidered maxi dress with to-die-for sheer tulle overlay for a third of the price of a For Love & Lemons dress.

    2. An organizer rack for anyone who confuses a pan falling in the middle of the night for a murderer (or is that just me?).

    3. A box of anti-snoring, custom-fit devices so you can keep those z’s down to a tolerable level.

    4. A detachable ring light for a glowing selfie because you are a ~star.~

    5. A door guard that blocks out sound as well as cold drafts.

    6. Athletic socks to support your feet and stay put in your shoe. For real, these socks will not slip.

    7. A stainless steel cleaner that will clean just about everything other than a man of steel. He still needs to shower.

    8. A gorgeous robe to turn a lazy day at home into a luxurious retreat.

    9. A bakeware rack for storing your pans until your next culinary masterpiece. Or the next time you heat up pizza.

    10. An effortless keyhole dress that can be worn in countless styles for boho-chic Free People vibes at half the price.

    11. A magnetic dishwasher indicator to permanently solve the clean/dirty dish mystery.

    12. A two-tier shelf for extra space for all the dishes you never wash, or even use for that matter.

    13. A pom-pom off-the-shoulder number you can wear sans bra to escape that dreaded boob sweat.

    14. A cord manager for anyone who is so SICK and TIRED of living their entire life just untangling headphones.

    15. A quirky denim dress that gives any basic tee in your closet a cute polka-dotted upgrade.

    16. A sink caddy for an easy place to store your sponge, soaps, and brushes.

    17. A simple and calming ombré tee dress that ripples comfortably across your body like gentle ocean waves.

    18. An easy access attachable garbage bag clip so you can toss whatever when you’re cooking.

    19. A dog toy that this very important beagle, named Bagel, really f#@%ing loves.

    20. A beauty blender drying rack so your sponges only soak up makeup, not dirt (hello, breakouts).

    21. An over-the-cabinet rack that finally makes a space for the most irritating of kitchen products: lids.

    22. An uplifting tale of one woman's year-long mission to focus her time on what actually matters.

    23. An airy floral chiffon dress for people who prefer their clothes to feel like a silky, light blanket.

    24. A phone lens to capture professional pictures without lugging a heavy camera.

    25. A sleeveless floral (or butterfly-patterned) chiffon dress that's the perfect balance between casual and classy.

    26. A mushroom night light, or: a cute little fun~guy~ who can grow on/in walls.

    27. A set of brushes that perfects the art of contouring.

    28. A *strapping* pair of sandals to put into heavy rotation all spring and summer.

    29. A high-neck floral garden dress you'll want to arrange a "spontaneous" outdoor photo shoot around.

    30. A copy of the NYT bestseller that's appeared in every suggested book roundup, so here's your chance to get ahead of the book club curve.

    31. A free-spirited maxi you can buy and still have enough money to book an island vacation.

    32. A 9-piece bamboo set of hand-cut, natural and cruelty-free brushes. Win, win, and win.

    33. A roomy and versatile halter dress you can show off at just about any event.

    Now you know your life was empty before you had these.