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    IMPORTANT: You Can Turn Your Sunglasses Into Your New Regular Glasses

    I wasn't ~seeing clearly~ before learning this hack...

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    Hello! If you're like me, you've been wearing the same glasses forever because a) buying new frames is expensive and b) shopping for anything other than food is hard.


    WELL, WELL, WELL, have we been FOOLS. In case you missed it, Ali Wong, comedian and style icon has been using one simple trick to keep her eyewear game on trend: turning sunglasses frames into regular glasses.


    As someone who's been wearing the same glasses since she hit puberty, this was both exciting and upsetting news. I SHOULD HAVE THOUGHT OF THIS.

    Do you also have old sunnies that you'd love to turn into everyday glasses? GOOD NEWS! Lensabl allows you to send in your old glasses in order to update your lenses — enter your old sunglasses!

    Basically, Lensabl took the same concept as going to your regular optomoterist to get new glasses, but made it SO much simpler and cheaper. Including using old frames or sunglasses!

    The whole process starts at $77 — a heck of a lot cheaper than normal! Let's break down how this works:

    1. Fill out your prescription on Lensabl — they'll ask a few questions, like whether you need a prescription for distance or reading, and for your Rx number (you can just upload a photo!).


    You can even pick what kind of lenses you'd like, from clear, blue light–blocking, sunglass, or transition!

    2. Then! They'll send a prepaid box for you to send your sunglasses/old glasses — aka our new hack is IN PROGRESS.


    3. Now for the ~science~, or what I imagine it's like to be in a lab. They'll make your new lenses based on your specifications so you can start rocking your new look ASAP.


    Now we now how Dexter had such fly glasses...

    4. They'll ship your "new" glasses back to you, where I assume you're still waiting on your couch, and voilà! Your look is REBORN. And all from your old sunnies! It's a wonderful world.

    Of course, you *can* just use them the traditional way: to get new lenses for your regular glasses, but where's the fun in that 🙃. We may not know how to code, but we can HACK.

    You can also shop from their frame shop for new designer frames, or from their sunglasses selection. Or! Replace the lenses of your subscription sunglasses, starting at $97.

    Plus, you can also try similar lens-replacement services, like, LensesRx,, or ReplaceALens!

    Start your ~hacking~ by filling out their questions to replace your lenses, starting at $77! Your sunglasses await their new life...

    And there we have it! We've been living a lie. But now we can move forward and live fashionably with just about zero effort.


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