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    27 Quirky Decorations For The Garden Of Your Dreams

    Rollin' with the gnomies.

    1. A biker bull dog who knows she's not a good girl.

    2. A maniacal monster just in case you have to remind those gnomes who runs the backyard.

    3. A happy couple whose snap story probably puts yours to shame.

    4. A tough guy to let the squirrels know this ain't a garden to mess with.

    5. A family of sunbathing turtles who'll show you life is better in the slow lane.

    6. An intricate bird feeder for the ~chirpy~ morning person.

    7. A flock of dancing flamingos who'll put real meaning to party animals.

    8. A glowing string of lights to transform your backyard into a fairytale escape.

    9. A lazy *bum* who took "nature's calling" too literally.

    10. A serene statue soothing enough for even your hangriest episodes.

    11. A very wise doggo who is his own master.

    12. A crafty kit that'll turn your next Sunday morning cleanup into an art project.

    13. A hip hooter who looks like he'd correct all his friends with "whom."

    14. An insightful hedgehog to be a *sharp* reading buddy.

    15. An ornamental owl who doesn't give a hoot about the nocturnal life.

    16. A quirky campground for your happy campers.

    17. A happy hippo who's safe to splash around with.

    18. A mellow fork that's more rock than ~metal.~

    19. An eclectic elephant who prefers your potted plants to watering holes.

    20. A stately sundial that fits the original definition of "solar powered."

    21. A cuddly duo who'll give all your friends a *fuzzy feeling*.

    22. A shameless squatter for cheekily greeting your guests.

    23. A curious cat who's definitely more of an indoor kitty.

    24. A bed of black eyed Susans that won't require watering, or even sun.

    25. A radical wizard who's ready to rock but not roll (he's delicate, after all).

    26. A chandelier for your flowerbeds, so your next gathering is fancier than a Kennedy estate.

    27. A tight-lipped toad who knows what happens in the garden, stays in the garden.

    Next stop, HGTV stardom.