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    21 Pieces Of Decor That Subtly Say, "I'm Brilliant"

    It's about time for everyone to recognize your amazing brain.

    1. A mug with constellations that appears when hot, so you can *brew* over Roman mythology.

    2. A world map shower curtain—you can burst into the bathroom and list all of the countries and capitals to your guest.

    3. A magnetic force of iron to either teach... others or just stare at in your living room.

    4. A superior way to take shots, because you are above common drinking.

    5. A personal library kit so you can check out your own damn books.

    6. An anatomy art print because who doesn't want to casually gaze at skeletons?

    7. A mathematical comforter because the limit of your napping does not exist.

    8. A decorative bunsen to use as a vase, terrarium, or even oil diffuser.

    9. A Magic Cube tissue box that you'll only enjoy if you're not infuriated by unfinished challenges.

    10. A prism light because you need something in your home that's almost as bright as you.

    11. A witty wine glass so you can drink your ethanol with a cheeky twist.

    12. A DIY rocket model kit for anyone still waiting on NASA's official offer.

    13. A vintage-y beaker for a horticulturist vibe.

    14. A personalized library card pillow that's hopefully a lot harder to lose than your real one.

    15. A stackable LED desk lamp for putting a whole new meaning to ~bright ideas~.

    16. A kinetic key gear holder because your wheels are always turning.

    17. An eco thermometer clock (if time alone isn't enough knowledge for you).

    18. A set of staircase decals for the bookworm who wants to really expand their collection.

    19. A gorgeous globe as an excuse to give naming all the countries and capitals a spin.

    20. An equation clock so your brain goes a-ticking every time you check it.

    21. A set of laboratory prints for anyone still banking on becoming the next Dexter.

    You getting ready to show off like...