23 Pieces Of Clothing That'll Totally Hide Your Sweat Stains

    Raise your hands like you just don't care (about your pits).

    1. An eye-catching sleeve that saves the drama for your outfit, and not *sticky* situations.

    2. Some sheer romance so you can be transparent, even in the heat.

    3. A big dip to give you the ~scoop~ on how to stay cool.

    4. A striped off-the-shoulder as a way to turn heads for all the right reasons.

    5. A tropical print if you want an island escape, minus the high temperatures.

    6. A major design with baggy sleeves to keep a constant breeze.

    7. Some clever lace that'll camouflage anything betrayed by deodorant.

    8. A bit of gauze so you can metaphorically soak up the sun — not literally.

    9. Some not-so-soft florals who are equally tough on the sweltering sun.

    10. A fierce mini because LBD is better when in leather.

    11. A boho maxi as a way to feel just as breezy as this dress.

    12. A badass T-shirt dress with blessed extra roominess.

    13. A slew of rainbow that doesn't come after a storm of sweat.

    14. A pretty palm print if you like the outdoors aesthetic but hate the real deal.

    15. A strappy sundress so you can feel the breeze, assuming there is one.

    16. A spacious tunic dress because the sun makes material cling more than Saran Wrap.

    17. Some super-light material as a close second to just choosing to be naked.

    18. A haute halter with extra scoop so you don't feel like ~the pits~.

    19. Some cheerful chiffon that'll definitely rub off on you and make you just as happy.

    20. A daring cut-out maxi so you can ~turn your back~ on overheating.

    21. An airy cold-shoulder top for a very welcome barely there feeling.

    22. A lacy escape from sizzling sun rays if you absolutely need to leave the AC.

    23. A bright wrap with a backless design to withstand even the muggiest NYC subway stop.