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    25 Stylish Pairs Of Shoes That Basically Feel Like Slippers

    Say goodbye to choosing between looking or feeling good.

    1. A pair of velvet ballet slippers with satin ribbons that'll send you twirling.

    2. A reliable version of Mary Jane block heels because three straps basically ~buckle you in~ for a pain-free strut.

    3. An array of romantic loafers for a dressed-up appeal without veering from comfort.

    4. A couple of lush velvet mules to point you in the right direction of balancing stylish and practical.

    5. A reinvention of hightops if you're looking for a boost without leaving the ground.

    6. A durable duo who know not to *cross* you and your piggies.

    7. A team of bold ankle boots that reach new heights without making you teeter.

    8. A chic choice for anyone who loves both their feet and their wardrobe.

    9. A selection of floral footwear in elastic, because anything that cramps your style needs to go stat.

    10. A contemporary collection with a sturdy heel in case your sole needs a break from stilettos.

    11. A snakeskin lace-up option because there is nothing better than a trend that lends both style and comfort. NOTHING.

    12. A gang of leather western boots that'll rope you in with their relaxing fit.

    13. An over-the-knee statement so you can stay on trend and on your feet.

    14. A choice of easygoing flats as a no brainer for when you prefer a pain-free day β€” otherwise known as Monday through Sunday.

    15. A smart go-to so you never break your stride or your toes.

    16. A suede classic to ditch having to choose between looking or feeling good.

    17. A well-constructed design for anyone who cringes at the mere sight of even kitten heels.

    18. An elegant silhouette with metallic straps that serve both purpose and flash.

    19. A fashionable favorite if you want to walk the walk without stopping for a bandage.

    20. A hit of striking kicks as an answer to your prayers: to live your life in sneakers without ever working out.

    21. A combo of sleek slingbacks that let you look sophisticated without feeling stuffy.

    22. A feminine set with neutral tones but strong support.

    23. A never-ending love for Toms and all the unbelievable relief they offer our feet.

    24. A slew of secure strap sandals for the perfect fall transition look.

    25. An oldie-but-goodie as the number one reason fashion sneakers should never die β€” they're just too damn comfy to give up.

    Me thinking of the shoes I want to wear when leaving the house:

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