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    Hundreds Of People Think This $1.50 Eyeliner Is As Good As Designer Brands

    Less than $2, makes cat eyes easy, AND lasts all day?! I don't remember doing a good enough deed to deserve this.

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    Winged eyeliner: we've all suffered an, um, emotional morning or two from them. Even if I wasn't reduced to tears nearly every time, there's still a chance I'd wind up with raccoon eyes.

    World of Wonder Productions

    ^^ Me talking to my shaky hands as I attempt a straight line.

    So when I found this Nykkola waterproof eyeliner ($1.46 on Amazon) that already has hundreds of positive reviews, I definitely did a double take. No more smudged wings...for less than $2? Could it be?!

    Promising review: "For $3, this liquid liner is absolutely amazing (and someone who is in love with Urban Decay eyeliner is speaking). I got this for daily wear. I tested it on the web of my hand for wear. It didn't crack not a bit. I tried wiping it off. *Cheap stuff never works?* BOY WAS I WRONG! This stuff sticks! Dare I say better then my favorite Urban Decay liner. This is an absolute steal. As a single mother? Worth it. Probably going to buy more. The applicator doesn't dry out before I get my wings right and it's soft doesn't irritate my extremely sensitive skin. It's amazing. Buy it. One for you, your best friend, ya moms, granny, cousin. It's amazing." β€”Kaitlyn reynolds

    Well grab the tissues, because it's true! It's precise, long-lasting, super opaque, and makes sharp cat eyes actually easy for us rookies. My mascara is definitely running, because I am CRYING rn.

    Krasnoff Foster Productions

    It even comes with a regular eyeliner pencil (that's attached to the cap)!

    Not to mention it already has 814 five-star reviews β€” and some of the best darn selfies I've ever seen as proof!

    Promising review: "I was pleasantly surprised with this product! I thought that any eyeliner this cheap wouldn't be a high quality eyeliner. Boy was I wrong! This lasts all day without chipping or fading and it glides on very easily! I'm definitely going to have to buy a new one. This is gorgeous and a wonderful product for the price! I recommend at least giving this a try! What can you lose!" β€”Princess A.

    It lasts allπŸ‘ day πŸ‘ thanks to its waterproof formula so it can keep the drama going as long as you need it to (I'm speaking about your look, of course).

    Promising review: "This lasts ALL day. I work 10 hour shifts and it doesn't even smudge. If I go to sleep with it sometimes I wake up perfect and sometimes it cracks a bit. Also I put it over my eyelashes after using mascara and it works great for making my eyelashes longer, thicker and more of a dark black. It's super dark and that's what I love about it." β€”β˜†

    Plus, the super precise tip gives you total control over your wing's ~aesthetics~! Long, short, angled, WHATEVER. The choice is yours.

    Promising review: "If you're considering buying it just buy it now. I love dramatic eyeliner so I wanted an opaque liner that wouldn't be virtually see-through. I wear eyeliner everyday. I can't go without it and this is my favorite eyeliner. The price is amazing so that I can go ahead and stock up on a bunch. When removing this it won't smear everywhere." β€”Maya

    Can you believe how intensely pigmented this is?! People are not READY for our new boldness.

    Promising review: "Amazing! This product is affordable and works great! The brush is nice and the eyeliner is still intact at the end of the day. I have used the product for a year and a half now and I honestly recommend this to everyone I meet! It's really easy to use and dark. I'm in love!" β€”Jill

    For $2 I may have to order a freight-load just for myself. My old eyeliner was $20! That's TEN of these for the same quality!

    Promising review: "I have been winged challenged forever. I love the look of a nice black cat eye, but the technique has always escaped me. This tool is amazing! The tip is firm so you have lots of control and the actual liner is a nice intense black that dries down matte. I quickly stocked up on more of these because I'm thinking holy grail." β€”Tiarra Reyes

    Not to mention it has a nice, smooth application in case this whole experience wasn't satisfying enough. If only I could find wine for this cheap...

    Promising review: "I love this eyeliner so much! It goes on smooth and dries fast! Not to mention it stays on for a long time. I would definitely recommend for the price!" β€”Hannah Hunter

    Get it from Amazon for $1.46.

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    Now excuse me while I take out a small loan to live off of these.

    3 Arts Entertainment

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