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    29 Beautiful Maxi Dresses That You Basically Need Right This Second

    You can even wear these babies into fall!

    1. A haute halter with a dramatic slit to gather all the attention you deserve.

    2. A sheer work of art so everyone will want to paint you like one of their French girls.

    3. A free-spirited frock for anyone who wants to run through a field and sing that the hills are alive (not in a scary way — just with the sound of music).

    4. A versatile silky number you can easily layer come autumn.

    5. A casual T-shirt dress with POCKETS so you can store your many, many snacks.

    6. A sexy sundress to beat out the end-of-summer sun's heat.

    7. A bohemian design for those who aspire to dress in Ralph Lauren but can only afford their socks (maybe).

    8. A form-fitting slip for an instant confidence boost.

    9. A shimmery gown so every party is your personal red carpet debut.

    10. A trendy print that may be neutral but stands out in flying colors.

    11. A breezy button-down as a no-brainer for your next "candid" Instagram shot.

    12. A daring silhouette to make jaws drop even lower than the plunging neckline.

    13. Some luxe velvet so you'll never ~rub someone~ the wrong way.

    14. A modern take on romantic florals because true love — shopping — never dies.

    15. A bold satin look because shouldn't you be able to look sophisticated while in the comfort of a robe?

    16. A unique statement dress that'll have you ready in a snap.

    17. Some flirty polka dots to introduce mod to modern.

    18. A slew of striking stripes with handy pockets for when you forget your phone and have nothing to do with your hands.

    19. A fiery-hot hit of red so you can wake the hell up, even on gray mornings.

    20. A swirl of pretty tie-dye in case you're still not over missing Woodstock.

    21. A trip to the tropics for when the thermometer starts to drop and your panic begins to rise.

    22. A long-sleeve stunner because approaching fall weather is no reason to have to wear pants.

    23. A glam head-turner to at least get a taste of how I assume Beyoncé feels.

    24. A dotted delight in a cut that makes even the most ill-behaved feel ladylike.

    25. A sizzling firecracker with a convertible sash to keep your friends guessing.

    26. A ~strapping~ maxi that feels like a nightgown but looks like a declaration of confidence.

    27. Some dark lace so you can add drama to the night without the regret.

    28. A sleek scarf print to establish your rightful place as Best Dressed.

    29. A vintage-inspired frock in a new, fashion-forward approach.

    When you try on these dresses: