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    31 Ways To Make Your Outfits Look More Expensive For Cheap

    Subscription boxes, easy hacks, cheap accessories, and more ways to just look boujie AF without spending much at all, bless.

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    1. Mix and match patterns in the same color family to create *just* enough contrast, while still looking put together.

    2. Make a statement with creative earrings that master the art of surprise, but with a refined approach. Not to mention interesting gold jewelry with anything = instant upgrade.

    3. Avoid buying cheap things just because of their inexpensive price tag. Instead, join a fashion subscription service, like Frank and Oak, that'll send you a monthly supply of on-trend pieces that are actually high quality.

    4. Combine stripes in different directions to add visual interest to any outfit, no matter the price tag.

    5. Take a break from jeans in favor of belted paperbag chino pants. They're roomier (hello, comfort) and provide a more sophisticated take on casual dressing.

    6. Win the best of both worlds and still live in your favorite leggings — but this time pair them with an oversized blazer to transform your bottoms from lazy to sharp.

    7. Accessorize like the French (a.k.a. who I would give my left foot to dress like) with a wool beret. Voilà! You are très chic.

    8. *Cut out* boring, old jeans and design your very own distressed hems. Not only will it look like you splurged on expensive jeans, but the added element will compliment any of your shoes.

    9. Pair different textures into one ensemble so you can rely on added dimensions to help you stand out. A luxe velvet crossbody on a fuzzy top will do the trick.

    10. Invest in one pair of neutral, classic shoes that are actually worth the price tag. A truly great pair of shoes will last for years, match with everything, and consistently elevate your look.

    11. Give your current wardrobe new life by layering your usual go-to pieces for a more fashion-forward ensemble. An old striped T-shirt looks brand new under a chunky sweater!

    12. Boost your outfit with a *timeless* yet deceivingly inexpensive watch that'll polish your outfit without forcing you to spend too much.

    13. Pick jeans that really fit (a.k.a. are nice and snug). A pair that truly fits your figure instantly improves the rest of your ensemble — plus, you'll just feel fantastic.

    14. Unleash the magic of the wrap dress — seriously, there is no one on Earth who won't benefit from this classically sophisticated design. Throw this on, and *poof* you're basically DVF herself.

    15. Follow trends successfully without blowing your money on fads with inexpensive versions, like these cat-eye sunglasses. You'll be able to mimic the more expensive celebrity-inspired looks, but you won't have to take out a small loan to do so.

    16. Throw people off your trail with unexpected *twists*, like a sweater knotted in the back. A unique piece always makes for a memorable outfit, and increases your rank as a style guru.

    17. Throw on some fashion editor-eque shoes, like these satin-y pointed mules, so you look sleek and polished even if they're paired with old denim.

    18. Play a bit of peek-a-boo with a gorgeous lace bralette underneath a sheer shirt. Its suave appearance will create a pricier effect, and yes, maybe cause a little ~intrigue~.

    19. Learn different ways to tie a scarf for a playful take on both indoor and outdoor dressing. These tricks work for any material scarf, and never fail to lend a little interest!

    20. Measure everything to end around the same length (preferably maxi) for an elongated effect, which in turn will easily bestow a sleek, costly-looking impression.

    21. Cinch your dresses with a faux leather corset belt to not only give your usual garments new life, but also highlight your (sneaky) high-end taste.

    22. Update old button downs with trendy, rolled cuffs. You already have everything you need (the...shirt), so all you need to do is roll with the compliments.

    23. Get a little ~frilly~ and embellish your favorite shoes with some sheer mesh socks. From sneakers to booties, everything can benefit from this super-easy accessorizing.

    24. Contrast your hemline with your shirt collar by choosing pieces that angle in different directions for an outcome that's ironically harmonizing. Are you now a fashion blogger? Definitely.

    25. Remember to regularly check for special deals to score a designer handbag. Sites like The Outnet always offer high-end purses (and other pieces!) that are significantly discounted.

    26. Top off your outfits with an inexpensive faux leather jacket for the ultimate cool look (that will never go out of style). A bit of leather is foolproof for elevating just about anything!

    27. Go monochrome for an effortlessly cool appearance — matching colors together is an easy way to come off super polished and put-together.

    28. Rely on a bold A-line skirt to do all the work for you — its cute pattern will make a fun statement but in a sophisticated way, thanks to the length.

    29. Add a bit of extra pattern and texture to things like your LBD with some elaborate fishnets. They're cheap, but definitely say, "I'm a full-on fashionable adult."

    30. Wear things with sharp lines, like this asymmetrical houndstooth wrapover skirt to emphasize your ability to dress ~cutting edge~. Plus, the angled design will polish any combination.

    31. Embellish anything from your purse to your neck (or your hair!) with a patterned square silk scarf. For under $10, you just made your old purse look like an Hermès. Mazel tov.

    32. Refresh long-used tops with nothing more than the *half tuck~. You literally just tuck a teeny bit of your top into your pants so it looks more angled. So little effort, such a big difference.

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