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    Your Skin Will Thank You For Using This Amazing Korean Exfoliating Towel

    Scub-a-dub-dub that dead skin away.

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    This magical exfoliating towel has gotten me through some, er, ~rough patches~ when my skin needed major rejuvenation.

    I like to run, and because life is never easy, that can cause my skin to look less than fantastic due to frequent sweating. (You never can win, can you?) But after a few weekly sessions with this bad boy, your skin looks and feels softer and refreshed.

    The best part is it's $10.59 on Amazon, so you can treat yourself to luxurious-feeling skin care for less than the price of a Chipotle burrito bowl.

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    Most of my spending is based on a Chipotle currency.

    Promising Review: "Soak in hot water until your fingers are pruny for best results. Your skin will slough off like snow from a hot tin roof." โ€”Alice H.

    Basically this towel (also available as a mitt) sloughs away all your dead skin in an invigorating and kind of satisfyingly gross exfoliating session.


    Just do as Bart. I use this once a week, because any more frequently might do more harm than good, (it'll get too rough on any skin type). And don't do it on your face! Make sure you really soak your skin beforehand to get the most out of exfoliating. It's recommended to take a bath, but if that makes you feel like a major creep, just use a hydrating bodywash and soak yourself in the shower.

    I use it with Mario Badescu bodywash ($8), as this is extra gentle (and hydrating) on my skin. Wrap both ends around your hands and scrub up and down your back (and really any other part of your body). You come out of the shower looking like a baby, except not in a creepy way. Like, in an omg-I-have-such-smooth-skin-now way. And yes, over time, it'll help with scarring or dark spots.

    Basically, if you've ever had a breakout on your body (aka back, shoulders, or somewhere other than your face), you've probably noticed it leaves some scars behind. And if you have a ghost-like complexion like me, they're hard to get rid of. But there's a whole exfoliating world out there to help you heal your skin without a million other products.

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    A scrub a week keeps the dermatologist away.

    Get it on Amazon for $10.59.

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