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    26 Of The Cutest Phone Cases You've Ever Seen

    These may get more likes than your selfies.

    1. A wise and charming wizard to cast ~scratch and fade-proof~ protective spells on your phone.

    2. A cactus to keep your phone safe from pointy threats while still looking sharp.

    3. A watermelon that looks seedy but acts reliably.

    4. A Miss Piggy-approved chain case because an undecorated phone is never fabuleuse.

    5. A pizza that dishes out shatterproof love because that's amore.

    6. A snuggly bunny who looks soft, but acts tough against scratches.

    7. A fetching party animal with an itch for glitter and handmade designs.

    8. A rainbow on a lasting color streak thanks to its fade resistant design.

    9. A playful case because a damaged screen is no game.

    10. A bumble bee who pollinates liquid glitter to set admirers a buzzing.

    11. A corgi whose soft silicone put new meaning in lap dog.

    12. A tried and true formula that's the perfect mix of cute and functional.

    13. A bear whose hug has a tight grip even when *you're* hibernating.

    14. A case featuring custom, hand-drawn portrait of your beloved pooch, kitty... or any animal you dote on, really. Bird? Fish? Capybara?

    15. A spunky pupper that fits like a second *skin.*

    16. A magical duo so you show up to the party empty handed.

    17. A mythical creature whose enchanting appeal is very real.

    18. A bunch of cheeky rabbits who invite you to pet their fuzzy tails.

    19. A llama to save you the drama of cracked screens.

    20. A *handy* bottle so you won't collect spilt tears over a shattered screen.

    21. A delectable treat that won't melt under pressure.

    22. A charming volcano because all you need is love.... but preferably also a working cell.

    23. A delicious duo to go with your phone like peanut butter and jelly.

    24. A rad dino whose biggest trick is blocking gnarly drops.

    25. An avocado for a hardcore covering that'll never crack open.

    26. A Martian who's no alien to guarding his vessel.

    Now if only these could be on your side of the selfie.