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    19 Shows With 5+ Seasons On Hulu That’ll Take More Than A Day To Binge

    These will take at least the whole weekend to watch.

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    Our new lives of social distancing can feel challenging (and lonely!), but it *is* a good time to finally watch all the shows on your list. However, if you're like me, it's easy to finish shows before Saturday is even over. For the Professional TV Watchers here, we need...challenges.


    Below is a list of shows available on Hulu that have five or more seasons — some as many as 30! Unless you somehow watch everything in fast-forward, these will keep you entertained for a longgg time (and are great for watching remotely with your friends and fam)!

    If you don't have Hulu, you can get their basic plan, which has (limited) commercials for $5.99/month. Or better yet! You can get their commercial-free plan for $11.99/month.

    1. Bob's Burgers


    Come for the burger puns, stay for the hilarious family dynamic. This'll easily help the afternoon fly by with side-splitting laughs as you bond with our awkward queen Tina, expert of one-liners Gene, and evil genius Louise. And if you want to have a chardonnay night with wine mom Linda, so be it. She'll love it.

    Number of seasons: 9

    2. Chopped

    Food Network

    Heartbreak! Glory! Drama! Food Network bleeping! It's all available on Chopped. Oh, there's food, too. But we're mainly here to see how many fools try to use the ice cream machine. By the time we're halfway through bingeing (there are so. many. seasons), we'll be yelling with the judges as people make oh-so-heart-wrenching mistakes. So what if we're having cereal for dinner? We're experts.

    Number of seasons: 36

    3. Chopped Junior

    Food Network

    A super wholesome spin-off of Chopped whenever we need a break from yelling at strangers through the screen. Instead, we'll be rooting for every single adorable contestant as they make better meals out of their mystery-basket ingredients in 30 minutes than I could in 10 weeks.

    Number of seasons: 7

    4. The Mindy Project

    3 Arts Entertainment

    This is a great way to feel inspired without ever leaving your couch. Mindy's a successful doctor who's just trying to become a more ~well-rounded~ woman. If you've ever made it a goal to read more books and then watched three movies in a row instead, you'll love her. And if everyone is too busy and you need a friend to hang out with, Mindy is your person (good news, she also loves rom-coms).

    Number of seasons: 6

    5. Empire

    Imagine Television

    One word: Cookie. There are other characters on this show, but she's the biggest reason you need to start watching this. There is the risk that you may come out of this binge only speaking in Cookie one-liners, but it's worth it. If you're all about drama, drama, drama, this is 100% the show for you.

    Number of seasons: 6

    6. Fixer Upper


    HGTV lovers, rejoice! You can absolutely feel like this is a ~productive binge~ by taking home renovation notes for the future — and maybe even plan a trip down the line to Waco to see Chip and Joanna's Magnolia Market (their massive IRL store and bakery). Not to mention, you'll watch just about a million heartwarming moments on this show. We stan Chip.

    Number of seasons: 5

    7. Adventure Time

    Cartoon Network

    The only downside to bingeing this show is that you might end up resenting your dog for not acting more like Jake. But a full afternoon of watching Finn and Jake battle evil in the Land of Ooo will make time fly by — and you'll have inside jokes galore if you watch this remotely with your friends.

    Number of seasons: 9

    8. Broad City

    Comedy Central

    Attention millennials: If you want to watch a show about people you probably relate to (student loans > ever being able to buy a house) but still want comedic relief, you just found your new favorite show. Abbi and Ilana make everyday life hilarious (Abbi's bizarre birthday episode in Season 1, Episode 10 is still my favorite) and is the perfect show to watch over FaceTime with your ~frond to the ond~.

    Number of seasons: 5

    9. The Golden Girls

    Touchstone Television

    "THANK YOU FOR BEING A FRIEND." This is probably the most feel-good show you could binge for days and leave you smiling after every single episode. Main characters Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia are actually the creators of Friendship Goals — it's a well-known, scientific fact. And if you've never watched yet, I'll leave you with one very compelling reason: Betty White.

    Number of seasons: 7

    10. American Horror Story

    FX Productions

    Unless you are an extremely brave person, binge this during the day (especially with Season 2: Asylum. Just what the heck). But you *will* get completely sucked into it the minute you start watching, so it's an excellent option. If you have to sleep with the lights on after seeing the clown in Season 4, I promise you're not alone. This show is basically a scary movie that lasts far longer than usual (they even have recurring cast members).

    Number of seasons: 9

    11. Brooklyn Nine-Nine


    Cool cool cool cool cool. This is perfect for any SNL fans who need a show to binge remotely with their friends. Every single episode will leave you howling over FaceTime and quite possibly watching until wayyyy too late at night. If you weren't sure why this show has such a massive and loyal following, you're about to find out.

    Number of seasons: 7

    12. Black-ish

    Wilmore Films

    There are so many reasons to binge this show, starting with Tracee Ellis Ross (the mom). It's heartwarming, funny, and addresses multiple serious topics in a way that feels approachable and engaging. It's a great show to binge with your family, either if you're with them or remotely, and will probably be the topic of discussion for weeks to come.

    Number of seasons: 6

    13. 90 Day Fiancé


    If you're flying through rom-coms too fast, may I suggest a long-standing show that forces love to put the pedal to the metal? Here's the deal: The show focuses on couples who have only been long-distance — they've never met IRL. People living outside of the US are given a visa to visit their partner for the first time, but with a catch. They *must* decide if they want to marry each other before the visa expires in 90 days. Good thing there are five seasons of this, so the drama lasts!

    Number of seasons: 5

    14. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

    FX Productions

    The only downside to watching Always Sunny is that your neighbor is going to have to listen to you hysterically laughing at all hours. It's one of those rare shows that managed to stay amazing throughout all 14 seasons — the humor is always perfectly absurd, Charlie never learns a thing, and The Gang (thankfully) stays exactly the same.

    Number of seasons: 14

    15. Bones


    Watching this show made me feel super smart, and I won't hear that I didn't earn a PhD in forensic anthropology after bingeing it. We may not have been previously aware that you can successfully mix romance with murder, studying victims' bones, and law enforcement, but this show proved that you most certainly can. I like to think of this as an "educational" binge with heartwarming perks.

    Number of seasons: 12

    16. Grey's Anatomy


    Consider this more of a challenge to actually get through 16 seasons (that's 360 episodes) — though the reward is that you'll have your medical license by the end (kidding, unfortunately). If you're in the mood to laugh, cry, yell, and everything in-between, hop on the intense emotional rollercoaster that is this show.

    Number of seasons: 16

    17. 30 Rock


    I once read that the producers of 30 Rock were always so convinced that the show was going to get canceled that they purposefully made every episode more absurd than the last — I think you'll see what I mean after you watch. It's gloriously ridiculous, but you'll manage to keep up and fall in love with Liz Lemon (Tina Fey), Tracy Jordan (Tracy Morgan), and every other hilarious character.

    Number of seasons: 7

    18. How I Met Your Mother


    Sometimes the best way to binge is with a classic. If you haven't rewatched HIMYM in awhile, now's a great time to get back into it! Even if you already know who The Mother is, it's still a timeless way to spend an entire weekend (or two).

    Number of seasons: 9

    19. Lost

    ABC Studios

    Perhaps this isn't quite the tropical escape you'd like to have, but we're all in it together once we wake up on the island with the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. The minute the show starts, you can start scouring for Easter eggs that are hidden throughout all six seasons. Each season feels even wilder than the last, so hold on to your popcorn.

    Number of seasons: 6

    Ready to binge? Start your journey with Hulu with their basic plan, which has (limited) commercials, for $5.99/month. Or if you're not about ads, get their commercial-free plan for $11.99/month.

    Prefer ~live~ TV? You can get Hulu Live TV to watch live sports, news, entertainment, and more, *plus* unlimited access to Hulu's streaming library for $54.99+ (available with and without ads).

    And if you want to read more about someone's experience who already has Hulu, check out a BuzzFeed editor's full review in "Just 9 Reasons You Should Probably Sign Up For Hulu Right Now."

    And FYI, for the basic and commercial-free plans, you get a ~one-month FREE trial~! I can personally fit a lot of TV time into 30 days.

    Wilmore Films

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