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    Here's What People Are Buying On Amazon Right Now

    Movers and Shakers is a list of products on Amazon that are currently rising in the ranking. This week: a doggy life vest, teeth whitening kit, and comfy T-shirt dress!

    Amazon has a list of products called "Movers and Shakers," which is pretty much just fancy talk for things that are currently ~trending~.

    Here are some of the coolest and most useful things found on the list this week:

    1. A rotating camera lens for your phone, so no two pictures are ever the same.

    2. An Instant Pot with a reputation for working well ~under pressure~.

    3. The new Miley Cyrus album if you've been playing "Malibu" on repeat.

    4. A funny friend to relieve some of your stress and put a smile on your face.

    5. A soft T-shirt dress with ~handy~ pockets to keep either snacks or small pets — it's up to you.

    6. A bestselling novel so you can forget about ever sleeping again.

    7. A sample Crest kit if you want to dip your *tooth* in whitening.

    8. A portable charger because watching your phone die is worse than having your soul sucked out.

    9. A doggie life jacket so good boys can swim without worry.

    10. A catty mug for anyone who is definitely not a morning person.

    11. A pack of sports bras for anyone who pretends to go to the gym (or anyone who actually goes, I guess).

    12. A feel-good movie that anyone with a beating heart will enjoy.

    13. An adorable teapot to have as a new reading buddy for a rainy day.

    14. A pack of Blender Bottles because nothing makes or breaks your morning like a breakfast smoothie.

    15. Some Argan oil to make every day seem like you started the morning at the salon.

    16. A soothing aromatherapy essential oil diffuser for anyone who can't do yoga, but still wants to relax.

    17. A scrub brush for extra-tough cleaning without cramped hands.

    18. And a trendy vest so you're both stylish and snug come fall.

    What is the Movers and Shakers list?

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