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Here's What People Are Buying On Amazon Right Now

Movers and Shakers is a list of products on Amazon that are currently rising in the ranking. This week: a doggy life vest, teeth whitening kit, and comfy T-shirt dress!

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Amazon has a list of products called "Movers and Shakers," which is pretty much just fancy talk for things that are currently ~trending~.

Here are some of the coolest and most useful things found on the list this week:


1. A rotating camera lens for your phone, so no two pictures are ever the same.

BTIME / Amazon / Via

Promising Review: "The rotating lens idea is a great idea! I not only use my phone for pictures, but also for video, and it is very convenient to just rotate the lenses to get different effects." —D Garcia

Price: $13.99

2. An Instant Pot with a reputation for working well ~under pressure~.

Instant Pot / Amazon / Via

Promising Review: "This Instant Pot has changed my life! I am a very, very busy mom of seven, and we are always on-the-go, so I need to have dinner ready after a long night of kids' practices and games. I would use a Crock-Pot and it had to run all day long, now I can have dinner done in a fraction of the time! I can throw everything together, and instead of standing over the stove, I am able to get other things done while dinner makes itself." —Melissa Hintz

Get our full review here.

Price: $69+ (available in three sizes)


5. A soft T-shirt dress with ~handy~ pockets to keep either snacks or small pets — it's up to you.

i2Crazy / Amazon / Via

Promising Review: "The fabric is very soft, stretchy, and smooth to the touch, and drapes nicely. It is thick enough to not be see-through or clingy. I feel that it's long enough to be worn on its own." —JL

Price: $9.99-$19.99 (available in 13 colors and sizes S-XL)

6. A bestselling novel so you can forget about ever sleeping again.

Simon and Schuster / Amazon / Via

Promising Review: "One of Stephen King's absolute masterpieces — one that begs to be read over and over (which I have done multiple times)." —Melissa Cline

Price: $11.99+ (available in Kindle, hardcover, and paperback)

7. A sample Crest kit if you want to dip your *tooth* in whitening.

Crest / Amazon / Via, PickledPeppers / Amazon / Via

Promising Review: "Bought this to try, and to my surprise, I noticed results after the sample strip! After the one hour express strip, I bought a box of White Strips, and have been using them for about a month. I'm VERY pleased with my results!" —adean625

Price: $4.99

8. A portable charger because watching your phone die is worse than having your soul sucked out.

Anker / Amazon / Via

Promising Review: "This is my fourth Anker power charger. We have phones for business uses, and these are a necessity. It charges my phone about eight times. We love this one already, just like our other Anker chargers. We may be out all day, and we'd never be able to keep the phones working efficiently without these portable chargers." —Kevin

Price: $49.99


9. A doggie life jacket so good boys can swim without worry.

Outward Hound / Amazon / Via, Via

Promising Review: "We have a 100+ pounds chow who loves to swim and stay in the water, but we were scared when he began to tire out. The jacket itself is pretty high-quality material. Not only does it have velcro underneath, but it also has the adjustable straps just in case. It also has a handle on top for presumingly picking the dog up out of the water. I am a big guy, but I am not gonna test pulling a 100-pound wet dog up buy a handle, I promise you. Our dog doesn't mind it a bit. In fact, he knows now he can float, so he will swim out in the lake with us." —Adam Register

Price: $16.88+ (available in three colors and sizes XS-XL)

10. A catty mug for anyone who is definitely not a morning person.

Whoisyourdaddy / Amazon / Via

Promising Review: "Purchased this as a gift, and the recipient loves it. It's gone through the dishwasher plenty of times. Looks new." —M512

Price: $10.09

11. A pack of sports bras for anyone who pretends to go to the gym (or anyone who actually goes, I guess).

Mirity / Amazon / Via

Promising Review: "They are extremely comfortable, and I would ditch my regular underwire bra for these. As I'm always needing a good deal on sports bras (because I always have to double up), this is a great deal." —Shasta Roberts

Price: $9.69-$27.99 (available in five sets and sizes S-2XL)

12. A feel-good movie that anyone with a beating heart will enjoy.

Universal / Amazon / Via

Promising Review: "My whole family loves this movie. This was the first movie my son ever saw in the theatre, and I knew it needed to be added to our collection. The story line is great." —Christine

Price: $3.99+ (available in Amazon Video, Blu-ray, DVD, 3D, and 4K)


13. An adorable teapot to have as a new reading buddy for a rainy day.

Hiware / Amazon / Via

Promising Review: "This is a beautiful little pot. It's the perfect size for one or two people. It's surprisingly lightweight, but not fragile. I was afraid to pour hot water in it at first, but no need to worry. I've never had a glass teapot before, and now, for the first time, I can really see the beautiful colors of my favorite teas." —Elvira

Price: $16.99

14. A pack of Blender Bottles because nothing makes or breaks your morning like a breakfast smoothie.

Blender Bottle / Amazon / Via

Promising Review: "I have been going to the gym and having a meal replacement shake each morning. Every morning, I would pull out the blender, make my shake, and have to disassemble the blender and clean it. As you can imagine, it was getting old fast! These blender bottles are a time and clean-up saver. It blends my shake just as well as my blender." —BriNic

Price: $13.27 for a two-pack

15. Some Argan oil to make every day seem like you started the morning at the salon.

Arvazallia / Amazon / Via, Jillian / Amazon / Via

Promising Review: "Where, oh, where have you been all my life? I have thick, coarse, curly, crazy hair that needs something to nourish and love it so that it will behave, and this stuff does the trick. I am so mean to my hair. I wash it every day, and I use heat on it everyday. I blow it dry, flat iron it, color it because I have gray hair, and am just abusive to it. This stuff just seems to take all of that abuse away. It makes my hair soft, it makes it lay down better, and it smells good, too!" —Miss Read

Price: $12.30

16. A soothing aromatherapy essential oil diffuser for anyone who can't do yoga, but still wants to relax.

TomCare / Amazon / Via, Georgia3 / Amazon / Via

Promising Review: "I love it!!! It runs for a VERY long time, the mist power is amazing, and the shape and size of it is truly efficient and stylish!" —OilsOverMatter

Price: $27.99


17. A scrub brush for extra-tough cleaning without cramped hands.

OXO / Amazon / Via

Promising Review: "I have fairly small hands, and have difficulty holding on to wide brushes when I'm trying to scrub stains out of carpets because of joint inflammation (arthritis). This scrub brush is perfect for me! Its wider, fat grip is very comfortable, and much easier to apply necessary pressure to the area I'm cleaning." —Granny Gems

Price: $5.99

18. And a trendy vest so you're both stylish and snug come fall.

Merokeety / Amazon / Via, Erin Morrison / Amazon / Via

Promising Review: "The material is wooly and thick. The zipper is a nice gold metal, and the lining is also nice. The pockets are a great size, and feel securely constructed. It's a fairly heavy vest — doesn't feel cheap at all. Will definitely work well for late fall/winter months." —Janine M.

Price: $29.99 (available in sizes XS-XL).

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