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    24 Things To Help You Clean Your Food And Kitchen Way Better Than You Probably Have Been

    We demand spotless results or nothing now.

    1. A vegetable brush so you can clean tough veggies like potatoes or carrots quickly and efficiently — thick potato skins are no longer a fear of ours.

    2. A scrap collector you can attach right to the edge of your sink or counter so cleaning up after yourself becomes totally thoughtless. Is that what people mean by ~responsible~ habits?

    3. A set of collapsible colanders to 👏 wash 👏 your 👏 produce properly before prepping your meals. They come in three sizes, meaning you can use the smallest one for quick snack rinses, and the biggest one for heftier portions. And! They'll take up minimal space (you can stack them together before collapsing).

    4. A garbage disposal brush for deep-cleaning ~without~ sticking your hand down the *eep* land of soggy leftovers by eliminating food waste itself (and getting rid of leftover odors).

    5. And! A pack of Glisten garbage disposer cleaner to fully deep-clean your drains so they're practically as clean as the day you moved in. It's powered by a bleach alternative foaming powder that'll reach every nook and cranny of your system.

    6. A box of coffee machine–cleaning powder so you can get your coffee pot back to super clear *and* put an end to bitter-tasting coffee that's usually caused by lime scale and oil residue buildup.

    7. A swivel grout and corner brush, because you can attach this to almost any broom handle to sufficiently scrub away tough dirt or grime from any angle without having to get down on all fours.

    8. A swivel vegetable peeler for efficiently cleaning and prepping your veggies before cooking — reviewers say it's particularly good for maintaining control while peeling odd-shaped food. It can even remove potato spots, thanks to its handy tip design.

    9. A silicone drain cover that'll be a great solution if you don't have a garbage disposal. It'll catch everything *before* it goes down the drain so you don't have to go digging — or more likely, avoid cleaning altogether and let a mess pile up. Now you can just wipe it all off.

    10. A set of Affresh dishwasher cleaning tablets you can rely on super easy way to instantly dissolve food residue that's been hanging out for awhile now. This may be why our parents told us to ~rinse~ dishes first...well now we don't have to, anyway.

    11. A pair of silicone dish-washing gloves, because these'll encourage you to get post-dinner chores OVER WITH in a faster amount of time. I'm sorry to say a clean kitchen can't involve a pile of dirty dishes in the sink.

    12. A flexible coil brush to reach underneath your refrigerator — there is almost certainly a colony of dust and crumbs living there. Now you don't have to pretend it doesn't exist.

    13. A granite countertop cleaning spray for making daily wipe-downs totally effortless and easy. It quickly removes grease, food buildup, water marks, and stains *without* leaving streaks behind. You may even want to show off your kitchen now.

    14. A Shark steam mop reviewers say is worth every cent thanks to its ability to streamline deep-cleaning hardwood floors to almost half the usual scrubbing time. Dirt truly quakes in fear at the sight of this cleaning ~machine~.

    15. An over-the-door organizer so you can stay fully stocked on cleaning supplies without getting disorganized. You'll probably be more efficient with everyday cleaning when everything has a known spot and is immediately in reach.

    16. A wood-polishing conditioner, because this'll bring your worn-down kitchen table back to brand spanking new (something you previously couldn't do no matter how hard you scrubbed). It'll get rid of scratches, water marks, and whatever else your kids managed to do.

    17. A microwave steam cleaner to get rid of the remnants of exploded lasagna that's been living on your microwave's roof for months. Five minutes with this, and all you'll have to do is wipe.

    18. A pack of microfiber cloths for using in just about every cleaning scenario. They can be used to wash dishes, dry glass without leaving a single streak, wipe down counters, and help with whatever else you want to clean. They're machine-washable and promise to leave whatever they touch *spotless*.

    19. A cooktop cleaning kit that'll ~smooth~ over any tension with long overdue messes. It'll undo stubborn stains, burnt-on residue, and everything in-between from all those times you thought you could flip an omelette like Julia Child.

    20. A julienne Y-shaped peeler so you can be more exact when cleaning with things like carrots, cucumber, and zucchini — especially if you plan on also using the strips for later.

    21. A pan scraper, because this'll help you properly clean cast iron pans, burnt cookware, or tough residue without scratching the surface. Now you don't need to let your dirty pan soak for several hours.

    22. An extra-durable sponge to conquer super tough messes together without ever worrying about this falling apart (or starting to smell). It's designed to last for MONTHS so you always have a handy ally when confronting burnt grease.

    23. A cutting board cleaner that'll gently wash your wooden block with a mix of coconut soap and lemon oil to prevent weakening the wood fibers. It'll also neutralize orders and help you maintain your cutting board so it lasts years.

    24. A can of Easy Off oven cleaner so you can easily scrub away old, baked-on messes without a whole lot of *elbow grease*. Basically, you can hit the restart button if you've been fruitlessly fighting old stains for years.

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